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  1. Student Counseling Center and Health Services | Student Counseling Center

    Student Counseling Center and Health Services. Welcome! Our mission is to assist and support students by focusing on the student's emotional and physical well being by providing services such as; personal counseling and health care assistance.

  2. Behavioral Science - A.A. https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/behavioral-science-aa/
  3. Psychology - B.A./B.S. https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/psychology-babs/
  4. Social Work - B.S.W. https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/social-work-bsw/
  5. Behavioral Science - Minor https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/behavioral-science-minor/
  6. Psychology - Minor https://www.lcsc.edu/degrees/psychology-minor/