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  1. Learning Resource Center | Career & Technical Education

    The Learning Resource Center offers tutoring and basic support for Lewis-Clark State College Career & Technical Education students, free of charge. It has 13 computers that have programs used in their coursework, tables in which to study and connect, and an environment t...

  2. Administrative Management | Business Technology & Service

    Students completing the Administrative Management program will possess skills to enable them to function in the rapidly developing and ever-changing field of office technology.

  3. Administrative Medical Assistant | Business Technology & Service

    The Administrative Medical Assistant program prepares students to work in a medical office, clinic, hospital, public health agency, or insurance setting.

  4. Applied Accounting | Business Technology & Service

    The Applied Accounting program offers students the training and background needed to perform payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and other accountings functions in both large and small offices as specialists/assistants.

  5. Business Management & Marketing | Business Technology & Service

    The Business Management & Marketing program is designed for students who wish to work at the supervisory or management level in a retail or service business, or small business ownership.

  6. Early Childhood Development | Business Technology & Service

    The Early Childhood Development program prepares students to perform in general areas of preschool and child care operations including recreation and teaching basic concepts.

  7. Fire Service Technology | Business Technology & Service

    For members of a paid or volunteer fire department who receive credit for the inservice classes taken through fire departments.

  8. Graphic Communications | Business Technology & Service

    This will prepare you to work as an entry-level designer in advertising agencies, design studios, packaging companies, and more. Or you could pursue a carreer as a freelance designer.

  9. Hospitality Management | Business Technology & Service

    Students enrolled in the Hospitality Management program will receive certified training in food and beverage management and room division management.

  10. Legal Administrative Assistant | Business Technology & Service

    Legal Practice Assistants are educated for entry-level positions in the legal profession. They perform clerical duties related to a lawyer’s practice.