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Lewis-Clark State College Inclusive Practices Certificate (IPC)

We gratefully acknowledge Joyce McFarland, Nez Perce Education Department Education Manager, for her influence and inspiration. Thank you, Joyce, for challenging every teacher to “teach culturally” and supporting us in that process.

 Inclusive Practices at LCSC FA17-SP19: voices, experiences and projects


IPC Overview 

Written by Marlowe Daly-Galeano and Amy Canfield

The IPC is an opportunity to enhance understanding of issues related to diversity and inclusion and to develop inclusive practices on campus.  

Goals of the program

  • To increase awareness of diversity concerns on campus;
  • To develop inclusive practices for use in teaching and service;
  • To build connections between different programs, offices, and groups across campus and in the community;
  • To foster a welcoming and inclusive community for students, faculty, staff, community members, and guests; 
  • To support programming that emphasizes issues of diversity and inclusion; and
  • To support personal growth and understanding of the roles of inclusion in our jobs and daily lives.

How does it work?

 Step 1: The introductory workshop.

Employees who are interested in earning the IPC will attend an introductory workshop at the start of the semester where they will work with other participants and the program facilitators to develop personal goals.  

Step 2: The activities

Participants will engage in 6-10 learning experiences over the course of the academic year.  Participants are encouraged to explore multiple kinds of activities. These activities may include:

  • Attending campus events such as presentations at Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Native American Awareness Week, Multicultural Week, Women’s History Month;
  • Attending or organizing a speaking event related to diversity and inclusion;
  • Touring or attending informational meetings of campus resources such as Disability Services, Americorps, TRIO, CAMP;
  • Training in Universal Design or Quality Matters;
  • Auditing or observing classes in relevant subject areas;
  • Participating in the TLC Teaching Culturally Group or Book Club;
  • Generating and sharing teaching materials related to inclusive practices;
  • Incorporating service learning and/or field trips related to diversity and inclusion in class design;
  • Empowering students to invite speakers or organize activities related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Attending or participating in community events such as Celebrate Love; and
  • Others as determined during the academic year.

Step 3: the reflection

 Upon completion of the learning experiences, participants will draft a reflective statement relating their experiences to their personal goals.

 Employees who complete the introductory workshop, learning experiences, and reflection will earn an IPC and have the opportunity to share their experiences at the end of the year.

 Certificates demonstrate evidence of teaching effectiveness and service commitment and should be considered in annual reviews and tenure and promotion applications.


An evolving project

The IPC is icreated with ideas generated by faculty.  We welcome your input as we continue to develop this program.  Would you like to offer a workshop, suggest a speaker, or craft a learning activity? Let us know!


Contact: tlc@lcsc.edu