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Dr. Ayodeji Arogundade, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Presentation 1: Cultural Convergence - How to Position yourself for success in a globalized world 

The world has become a global village due to the advancement in technology, transportation, and communication systems, among others. Likewise, cultures across the world are converging at an increasing rate. The aim of this presentation is to discuss the implications of cultural convergence and globalized world on the success of today’s high school students who will likely graduate into such a world.

Keywords: Culture, Cultural Convergence, Globalization, Globalized world, Success

Standards: Anchor Standard 1 - Interdisciplinary Humanities

Presentation 2: Don’t Eat Everything - Developing a Savings Culture

Financial education is one of the major skills that should be included in high school curriculum, unfortunately, this essential life skill is never taught in schools. The aim of this presentation is to educate students on money matters and the various investment options that are available out there.

Keywords: Savings Culture, Money Matters, Financial Education

Standards: Anchor Standard 1 - Interdisciplinary Humanities

Presentation 3: You too can become a Job Creator

It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The goal of this presentation is to help students identify the steps to becoming an entrepreneur. The presentation will also address various questions on students’ minds regarding the entrepreneurial process.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Job Creator, Entrepreneurial Process

Standards: Anchor Standard 1 - Interdisciplinary Humanities

Presentation 4: Positioning Yourself as a Marketable Product 

Students are the products that employers are waiting for. This presentation aims at helping students to understand how they can develop and position themselves as marketable products in the marketplace using the knowledge of marketing concepts.  

Keywords - Positioning, Marketable, Marketing concepts, Marketplace, Product, 

5 Takeaways from Lecture

  • Learning is fun
  • Take responsibility for the quality of your product
  • Always add to yourself because employers' wants are always changing
  • Packaging is as important as the product
  • You are the product that the world is waiting for

Presentation 5: Are you Considering a Career in Business?

Have you ever considered a career in accounting, business administration, business and communication, management, human resource management, marketing, or sport administration? If the answer is yes, you need to attend this presentation. The aim of this presentation is to educate students on the various business programs and there prospects.


Professional Photo

Jennifer Gardner, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Do you have a story to tell?

Why do we all love stories so much? What makes a story a story? What purpose do stories serve in our lives? Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do! We all have stories to tell, and we use stories to connect to people, places, and ideas across space and time. Stories help us explore the human experience and find meaning in our lives. This presentation will help you discover your own unique voice and the stories you have to share through a variety of oral and written activities.

Standards: - Writing Standards – Anchor Standard 3, 4, and 5; Interdisciplinary Humanities – Anchor Standard 4


Ellamae 4

Ella-Mae Keatts, Associate Professor of Nursing

Nursing: It is a profession for you?

An interactive presentation describing the role of a nurse.  Students will see different medication administration devices from oral tablets, intravascular catheters to intraosseous needles. They will have a scenario presented in which the students will work to decide which ‘device’ best suits the patient situation.   The presentation will point to how a nurse can potentially impact the people they care for.  The role of scientific evidence and how it changes practice will be highlighted.  

Key Words: Nursing, Medication Administration, Evidence based practice. 



 Beverly Kloepfer 2

Beverly Kloepfer MSN, APRN, NP-C, Associate Professor in theBSN program

Understanding and owning your personal health

Can you answer these questions about your own health: What medical conditions do I have? How do I fill a prescription? Who is my insurance carrier? What is family medical history? What are my allergies and what is the reactions? Just to name a few.

Standards: Health Education 1.1.1 to 1.1.7; 7.1.1 to 7.1.4; 6.1.1 & 6.1.2


Lorinda Hughes (1)

Lorinda Hughes, Associate Professor of Nursing and Clinical Coordinator

Radiology Delight

Radiology (x-ray) offers a vast array of avenues to pursue. This presentation is an introduction to an x-ray department, including different modalities (CT, MRI, Ultrasound and Cath. Lab), the staff responsibilities, and the technology involved in a modern radiology department. It emphasizes the part a radiology technologist plays on a medical team. Students will understand the ability to collaborate in stressful situations while using technology to save lives. Students will be able to identify the exam of choice for different medical scenarios and provide reasoning for the choices.

Keywords: Medical, Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging Modalities, Science, Technology, Cat Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Radiographer, Communication Technology, Health, Associate Degree

Standard(s): Radiology can be taught from many different lenses, therefore, aligning with many different standards. This lesson can be adjusted to meet the classroom needs. This is an example of how one standard may be met with this lesson:

The student will realize the digital responsibilities of medical workers and importance of modern technology in radiology. This will focus on the Information and Communication Technology: Standard 2 -Digital Citizen, Goal 2: Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.




Billy Lemus, Assistant Professor of Business

Why we trade - Using economic theory to analyze the international exchange of goods and services

With the trade policies of the current administration bringing international relations to the forefront of debate, this presentation aims to use economic theory to analyze exchange practices among nations. With the help of a simple simulation, students will become familiar with economic concepts such as absolute advantage, comparative advantage, efficiency, equity, and specialization, among others.

Keywords: Economics, trade, comparative advantage, absolute advantage, efficiency, equity, international relations

Standards: Social Studies/ Economics