During Spring 2020, LC Faculty rose to the occasion to keep students engaged and learning when LC rapidly switched from on-campus to remote teaching due to COVID. Here is a celebration of a few of those moments. The video will change slides fairly quickly, please pause to read. And maybe turn on your favorite music. Here is a PDF version of the video.

A Few More Moments and Links

Something interesting and inspiring to share with you . . .a pattern has developed in some of my class assignments that I've noticed in both my Leadership and Emotional Intelligence courses. Students are calling out by name specific LC State leaders (faculty & admin) in their assignments, as they are identifying leadership skills, communication skills, and those that are admired. I haven't seen this happen as much as I am right now. I think it is a result of the appreciation felt by students toward the LC State community. It is really refreshing and I have passed along the accolade snipits (without student names) of these assignments to each that was mentioned.

Here is the link that Mark refers to in the Shining Moments video:

"Can't Search This."

Here are the links that Christa refers to in the Shining Moments video:

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