Testing Center


Schedule your DSST Exam:

  1. Visit the DSST website to review the available exams and to get information about each exam
    • Check with your school prior to making an appointment to ensure the DSST exam you want to take will be accepted for credit at that school.
    • Check the DSST Find A Test Center page to find the school code for the location you want your results sent to.  This is a four digit code found before the site name when you search for a location.
      • Ex. When you search for Lewiston, ID LCSC comes up in the results and our site code is 7631
  2. Contact the LCSC Testing Center to make an appointment for your DSST exam.
    • The DSST exam has a fee of $85 and is paid on the computer at the time of testing with a credit or debit card.
      • The LCSC Testing Center is a DANTES Fully Funded site: Elibigle active duty military and eligible spouses will have their fees waived (first attempts only).  For more information, ask the Testing Center staff when making your appoitnment.
    • The LCSC Testing Center charges a proctoring fee of $15 for each DSST exam taken.  This fee is paid at the cashier window in the Administration Building on the LCSC Campus prior to your testing appointment.
  3. Bring the following to your appointment:
    • A current, valid government issued picture id
    • Credit or debit card to pay the DSST fee on the computer
    • Receipt for the $15 payment made to the LCSC Cashier in the Administration Building
    • Bring your SS card, or know your SS number for test registration

The LCSC Testing Center will provide approved scratch paper and pencils for use during the test.

If testing accommodations are needed for your test please contact the LCSC Testing Center for more information prior to scheduling a testing appointment.

For information about DSST testing please visit their website.


Lewis-Clark State College
Testing Center
Library Room 161
Phone: 208-792-2100 or 1-800-879-0453
Fax: 208-792-2564
Email: testing@lcsc.edu