How much and when will I get paid?

CH 30 & 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill®)

Stipend will be paid directly to student after month of attendance. Rates effective 01OCT20 *Not to exceed tuition/fees.
Rate of PursuitCH 30 (MGIB®) At least 3 years of enlistmentCH 30 (MGIB®) Less than 3 year enlistmentCH 1606 (MGIB®-SR) Reservists
Full Time$2,122.00$1,722.00$397.00
3/4 Time$1,591.50$1,291.50$297.00
1/2 Time$1,061.00$861.00$198.00
1/4-1/2 Time$1,061.00*$861.00*$99.25
1/4 Time or Less$530.50*$430.50*$99.25

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