WarriorOne Card

Who Gets a WarriorOne Card?

We like to brand the following groups with our WarriorOne Card:

  • Currently registered students
  • LCSC employees and retirees
  • Fitness center guests
    • Alumni that have take 24 or  more credits and pay for fitness center access
    • Spouses of students, employees, and alumni
    • Sodexo employees
  • Dual credit students

We want to give our distance learning students a WarriorOne Card, e-mail us your picture that meets passport requirements (plus has a solid background, facing forward, and no shadows), a scanned picture of your driver's license, and the mailing address to send the card to.  You must e-mail from your LCSC LCMail account.  Your mailing address must match your address on WarriorWeb.