WLC Schedule of Events

7:30-8:15 A.M. ━ Registration
8:30 A.M. ━ Welcome

Dr. Julie Crea and Dr. Amy Canfield

8:40 A.M. ━ Opening Plenary

Stacia Morfin, Owner and Operator Nez Perce Tourism and Traditions Gift Shop. "What We Do Together: Through the Lens of Value Based Leadership"

9:20 A.M. ━ BREAK
9:30-10:20 AM ━ Workshop Breakout I

Session A) Hello Conflict. It's Me Resolution! (ACW 133)

  • Carrie Cloud

Session B) Finding Significance in Your Visible and Invisible Work (ACW 134)

  • Dr. LaChelle Rosenbaum and Lauren Nichols

Session C) Growing and Leading in Non-Profit Work (ACW 135)

  • Layci Peer, Suzanne Johnson, and Michelle King

Session D) Don’t Assume the Laws are Correct (ACW 136)

  • Dr. Aubrey Shaw and Dr. Sharon Stoll

Session E) Time Management: Planning and Prioritizing (WCC)

  • Jennifer Uptmor
10:20 A.M. ━ BREAK
10:30-11:20 A.M. ━ Workshop Breakout II

Session A) Real Self-care—Stop Using Band-Aid Strategies and Start Healing Yourself and the World (ACW 133)

  • Kristine Petterson

Session B) Nourishing Your Body and Mind (ACW 134)

  • Dr. Jessica Savage, Dr. Heather Van Mullem, and Grace Hebert

Session C) Leadership and Public Service (ACW 135)

  • Mary Jane Miles (Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee), Robin Albers (Clarkston City Council), and Sandra Kelly (Moscow City Council)
  • Moderated by Kylee Britzman

Session D) Panel: Community Service Through Life’s Changes: Perspectives from Three Servant Leaders (ACW 136)

  • Char Kremer, Staci Baldwin, and Chelsea Weeks
  • Moderated by Dr. LaChelle Rosenbaum

Session E) Reflecting on Change and Balance (SGC 229)

  • Dr. Rachel Jameton, Samantha Thompson-Franklin, and Dr. Marlowe Daly-Galeano
11:20 A.M. ━ BREAK
11:30 A.M.-12:45 P.M. ━ Lunch and Keynote

(“How to Go From Burnout to Balance,” by Laynie McClain-Eldridge, President and founder of the Gina Quesenberry Foundation)

12:45 P.M. ━ Presentation of Women’s Leadership Awards
1:00 P.M. ━ BREAK
1:10-2:00 P.M. ━ Workshop Breakout III

Session A) Veteran Women Perspectives: Lessons Learned in Leadership (ACW 133)

  • Fridah Kumenda (U.S. Air Force), Kat Martin (U.S. Navy), and Tasha Carlson (U.S. Marine Corps)
  • Moderated by Vanessa Stedman

Session B) Advocating for Women in the Legal Arena (ACW 134)

  • Justin Coleman and Cori Sanzone
  • Moderated by Heidee McMillin

Session C) Fostering Generative, Thriving Teams (ACW 135)

  • Dr. Laura Holoyke, Heather Maib, and Dr. Juhnee Kim

Session D) Laughter Yoga (ACW 136)

  • Lisa Sanphillippo

Session E): Empowerment Through Art (this session will last until 3 pm and is limited to the first 35 attendees, Sub Solarium)

  • Myndie Van Horn

Session F): Student Mentoring Program (assigned students and mentors only) (SUB 225)

  • Organized by Dr. Heather Van Mullem
2:00 P.M. ━ BREAK
2:10-3:00 P.M. ━ Workshop Breakout IV

Session A) Panel: Leading with Self-Care (ACW 133)

  • Shely Meisner, Nellie Frost, and Kristina Beckstead
  • Moderated by Laurie Lewis

Session B) Manage Your Career—Don’t Let it Boss You Around (ACW 134)

  • Presented by Erin Cassetto

Session C) Women’s Leadership Conference Book Club Discussion: Yes! You Are Good Enough: End Imposter Syndrome, Overthinking and Perfectionism, and Do What You Want by Trish Taylor (ACW 135)

  • Facilitated by Jennifer Anderson

Session D) Emotional Maturity + Empowerment Through Emotions (ACW 136)

  • Presented by Abigail Abts

Session E (SUB Solarium): Empowerment Through Art (continued from Breakout III)

  • Presented by Mindie Van Horn
3:15 P.M. ━ Closing Plenary

(“Honoring Personal Experiences to Cultivate Leadership Philosophies,” Isabelle Penass, Vice President for Training and Technical Assistance, Kauffman and Associates Incorporated)

4:00 P.M. ━ Closing Remarks by Dr. Amy Canfield
4:30-6:30 P.M. ━ Closing Reception

Please join us for a yoga session and/or a no-host reception at the Center for Arts & History downtown. The center is also featuring an art exhibition focused on women's health, entitled "Unconditional Care."