Interested Students

Interested in Joining LC Work Scholars?

  • Receive a $ 6,996 scholarship each year
  • Receive a $ 1,500 stipend each year
  • Gain on-the-job experience
  • Develop a professional network

Students are eligible if they...* **

  • Are Idaho residents
  • Are 2- or 4-year degree seeking students
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Are full-time undergraduates with LCSC
    • Registered for and maintaining at least 12 credit hours through LCSC if selected as an LC Work Scholar.
  • Have sophomore or higher standing (26 credits or more)
    • If selected as an LC Work Scholar, students must surpass the 26 credit minimum prior to beginning their work as a Work Scholar.
  • Demonstrate financial need*** by having either:
    • Full or partial Pell Grant eligibility
    • an EFC less than or equal to $10,343 as determined by your 2022-2023 FAFSA (for questions regarding EFC or FAFSA please contact Financial Aid)
  • Post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for the program

Click LC Work Scholars Eligibility Policy to view or download all eligibility requirements.

*In situations where eligibility is unclear, eligibility may be reviewed by the LC Work Scholars Eligibility Committee. 
**Eligibility for LC Work Scholars may be subject to review if student receives resources in excess of $3750 per semester ($7500 per year) from scholarships, grants (other than Pell), outside agencies, etc.

  • Students interview with worksites in their career field
  • Selected students work on- or off-campus during academic year
  • Program openings vary semester to semester
  • Students receive tuition scholarship and bi-weekly stipend to cover expenses
  • Students benefit from additional advising and mentoring
  • Students may apply for internship to receive credit for work
  • Volunteer service is required of all Work Scholars

  • Students work the equivalent of 10 hours/week during academic year
  • Worksites may hire their students for up to an additional 8 hours each week during the academic year (students are compensated by the worksite directly for these additional hours - minimum wage laws apply)
  • Worksites are encouraged to hire their Work Scholar during summer and winter breaks
  • Work Scholars are also required to complete one volunteer and two professional development opportunities each semester (these are offered through the program - or can be chosen by the student based on academic interests).

  • Students submit an application and resume to the program office
  • Eligible students interview with LC Work Scholars program office
  • Students apply for positions based on major and career interest
  • Read openings for a list of current worksites
  • Work site supervisors conduct interviews and make final hiring decision

  • Students may apply once each semester by logging into their Handshake account and applying for the listed LC Work Scholars Position.
  • Want to know what jobs will be available next semester? Check out our list of current worksites.
  • Departments and businesses apply throughout the year, so we know you will be given great opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Applicants will be scored based on their resume, application, and interview. Want to see how the scoring works – check out the scoring rubric. Students who score high enough will then interview with their choice of worksites.
  • Contact us if you have questions.

For more application details click here.

To review the full LC Work Scholars eligibility policy please click here.

Work Scholars 7 Performance Expectations

  • Be punctual and arrive on time for work as scheduled and required
  • Give advance notice of absences
  • Manage time well and provide timely completion of job assignments
  • Support workplace policies and procedures including dress and safety requirements
  • Ensure proper care of college equipment, facilities, materials, and work environment
  • Demonstrate willingness to work, support, and collaborate with supervisors and co-workers while promoting a positive atmosphere in the workplace for all
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of your work and the work of others in the department
  • Consistently complete job assignments without need for constant supervision
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to adjust and adapt to change as needed
  • Exhibit professional conduct in the workplace and interact respectfully with all, including supervisors, co-workers, and those being served
  • Respectfully handle conflict and be open to differing points of view
  • Enhance effectiveness of co-workers and the department in sharing knowledge
  • Demonstrate interest in acquiring new skills
  • Meeting Expectations: the degree to which the student fulfills the basic job requirements
  • Exceptional Performance: the maximum degree in which the student takes advantage and participates in additional developmental aspects of the job (such as professional development)

Contact Information

LC Work Scholars

Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501