First Semester Work Scholars

First semester Work Scholars have a few additional requirements during their first semester in the Work Scholars program. 

Please review the program calendar and reach out to your supervisor and advisors at the start of the semester to to schedule all your meetings for the next few months. This will help ensure you meet your deadlines successfully.

  • *1st Check-In Meeting will only be with your Advisor and Supervisor, then submit your signed agenda to the Work Scholar Office. See the linked "Get Your Year In Gear" document for tips about this first meeting.
  • For the last two check-in meetings, you will need to schedule and appointment with Program Director before you meet with your advisor and supervisor to review your agenda.

  • Be punctual and arrive on time for work as scheduled and required
  • Give advance notice of absences

  • Manage time well and provide timely completion of job assignments
  • Support workplace policies and procedures including dress and safety requirements
  • Ensure proper care of college equipment, facilities, materials, and work environment

  • Demonstrate willingness to work, support, and collaborate with supervisors and co-workers while promoting a positive atmosphere in the workplace for all
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of your work and the work of others in the department

  • Consistently complete job assignments without need for constant supervision
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to adjust and adapt to change as needed

  • Exhibit professional conduct in the workplace and interact respectfully with all, including supervisors, co-workers, and those being served
  • Respectfully handle conflict and be open to differing points of view

  • Enhance effectiveness of co-workers and the department in sharing knowledge
  • Demonstrate interest in acquiring new skills

  • Meeting Expectations: the degree to which the student fulfills the basic job requirements
  • Exceptional Performance: the maximum degree in which the student takes advantage and participates in additional developmental aspects of the job (such as professional development)

Contact Information

LC Work Scholars

Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501