This 18 hour beginning welding class is perfect for the person who is wanting to get into the process of welding. You will learn the basics of machine set-up. You’ll go through filler metal selection. MIG and stick techniques will be covered plus you will learn tips to get started in projects and explore the opportunities of a career in welding.

This 30 hour class is tailored to MIG and Stick Welders, and those students that are beginning or refining their TIG skills. Our instructor is an experienced steel fabricator working in the field and he will help you refine your craft into skills that employers are looking for.  

In this 30 hour introduction to the aluminum welding process you will learn machine set up. You’ll cover alloy and filler selection. Our instructor will give you advanced aluminum welding training that you can use utilize in the workplace. You will learn both the TIG and MIG process for welding aluminum.