Workforce Training

Student Release of Information

The following form must be completed by the STUDENT before information can be released to employers, family members or any other person. 

Student Release of Information can be downloaded here, or email to have a PDF form emailed to you.

Non-Directory Information

Lewis-Clark College considers the following Non-Directory Information and therefore will NOT release this personally identifiable information without the student’s written consent.

  • Date of birth/age
  • Social security number
  • Student ID number
  • Class schedule/roster
  • Unsatisfactory academic standing
  • Grades
  • GPA (term and cumulative)
  • Transcript
  • Gender
  • Credits (term and cumulative)

Student consent must be obtained before disclosing non-directory information, with some exceptions. Any information not defined explicitly as directory information is considered non-directory information. FERPA permits disclosure of non-directory information without student consent in certain circumstances.

If you have questions about FERPA or the Workforce Training Release of Information procedure, please call our office at 208-792-2388.