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PLC Programmable Logic Controllers


Gain an understanding and overview of programmable logic controllers, (PLC).  This on-line introductory course, with 3 lab sessions, provides an understanding of PLC’s and step by step demonstrations of Rslogix 5000 PLC programming software by using ladder logic diagrams in our labs.  We will cover basics on analyzing memory structures and programming concepts.  This course is designed for PLC beginners, and for people already using PLC’s as a review and skill improvement opportunity.

 PLC 2- RSLOGIX 5000

In this online course with live labs, you will apply concepts learned in the PLC introductory course.  Learn effective use of instructions and basic functions in PLC programming.  Construct intermediate level ladder logic programs with RSlogix 5000 software simulators in our lab sessions.  Apply knowledge and understanding of the following topics:  PLC processors, timer/counter instructions, program control instructions, data manipulation, math functions, shift registers/sequencers, analog I/O and networks.  Certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion of the technical skills assessment exam.  This course is online with labs for hands on training.


VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drive)  In this course you will gain an understanding of the use pf VFD’s and Soft Starters.  Learn AC motor concepts and parts and operations of VFD’s.  You will learn VFD control schemes, installs and basic trouble shooting.  You will gain and understanding of the uses of HMI’s, RSlinx communications, using DDE topics and excel macros.  You will create an HMI project with graphics and animations.  You will learn to understand alarms, activity logs, data and logging runtime.  This course is a blend of online teaching and live lab sessions for hands on training.  Certificate of completion will be awarded upon the completion of the technical skills assessment exam.

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