First Year Experience

Orientation Courses

SD-107: New Student orientation Course Description

New Student Orientation is a discussion-based course for first time college students. It is a requirement for all full-time, degree-seeking freshmen. The class introduces students to academic inquiry, critical thinking, and connecting to a college community. The classes will share common topics, but faculty and staff from many departments will teach the individual sections. You will have opportunities to explore issues from a variety of perspectives while developing the skills that will help you succeed in college.  

SD-307: Transfer Orientation COURSE DESCRIPTION

Transfer Orientation is a self-paced course intended to provide transfer students with information needed to be successful at Lewis-Clark State College. It is a requirement for all full-time, degree-seeking transfer students. This course will connect students with critical resources which will enable them to advocate on their own behalf during their tenure with LCSC. Students will learn about the Student Code of Conduct, academic advising, student rights and responsibilities, and other policies related to their enrollment at LCSC. Additionally, students will engage in financial aid workshops, career preparedness, and wellness exercises