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Internship Program

Internships are a great way to gain valuable job experience and to earn credits towards your degree!


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Student Internship Forms   Student Internship Forms
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Guidelines For Eligibility

You must be a Business Division major in good standing; you must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.5 core/major GPA.

 Purpose Of Internships

  •          Identify career paths
  •          Learn by experience in the workplace environment
  •          Apply classroom learning to the real world
  •          Networking - make contacts in your chosen career field
  •          Enhance your resume


  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator to determine if you are eligible and in good academic standing.
  • Contact an agency/place of work and set up your internship.
  • Secure an Internship Work Plan Agreement form from the Business Division office or from the link above.
  • Complete and sign the Work Plan agreement, along with your agency/workplace supervisor. 
  • Submit the completed and signed Work Plan agreement to the Internship Coordinator for approval of credit hours. The Internship Coordinator will sign the agreement and give you a copy.
  • Register for the appropriate course number. The Internship Coordinator will advise you on this.
  • Report to the internship agency at the scheduled times and complete the work assigned in a professional manner.
  • All assignments and activities (completed by student) and evaluations (completed by supervisor) must be submitted on time as identified in course syllabus.
  • Grades are determined by the Internship Coordinator, based on the requirements of the internship and the results of assignments and evaluations.

How To Earn Credits

  • 50 hours of supervised work, focused on onsite learning, equals 1 hour of academic credit.
  • You may register for a minimum of 1 credit and a maximum of 6 credits in a single semester. 
  • Up to 6 credit hours can count towards business electives; an additional credit hours can be counted as general electives.
  • Internships are graded Pass/Fail. “P” credit hours do NOT enter into your GPA; however, an “F” is calculated into both semester and cumulative GPA.
  • Enrollment in Internship course must be complete by the 10th day of the semester.

For More Information

Accounting Internship Coordinator
Karen Andrews, CPA, MAcc
(208) 792-2352

Business Internship Coordinator
Jenny Scott, MA
(208) 792-2559