Business Student Clubs and Organizations

Accounting & Business Student Organization

The purpose of the Accounting & Business Student Organization (ABSO) is to provide students with the opportunity to build life-long relationships, learn about various career paths, network with professionals, develop leadership skills and learn about professional certification options.

Our mission it to promote experience, education and excellence through active student-based learning and service.  ABSO members meet regularly to enjoy guest speakers, engage in mentorship of incoming students and participate in the College's Career Fair.  In addition, the club also hosts an annual "Meet the Firms" event and participates in field trips and competitions whenever possible.

"Fund nights" allow students an opportunity to get to know each other outside of volunteer functions.  Members also gain invaluable insights and experiences from interacting with local business owners, division faculty and fellow students throughout the semester.

As an added bonus, students can earn credits by attending meetings! As participants of this club, ASBO members represent not only the BUCS Division, but Lewis-Clark State College as a whole, and this are expected to demonstrate ethical, respectful and professional behavior at all events.

Join the fun and bridge the gap between your academic and professional life.

Lewiston - BSO Club faculty advisor - Brent Booth, [email protected] and Polly Knutson, [email protected]

Coeur d'Alene - BSO Club faculty advisor - Rachel Kaitz - [email protected] and Bill Davenport - [email protected]

LC State CS Gaming & Modding Club

The LC State CS Gaming and Modding Club is dedicated to helping students pursue real world application of various skills and majors, while also providing an opportunity to try new things.  This club is focused primarily on the application of a wide variety of skills including coding, graphic design, creative writing, and digital art.  Students are encourage to participate in current club projects with the opportunity for gaming and testing.  In-person meetings will be scheduled regularly with the option of virtual attendance, due to the nature of the work.

Club Advisor - Nikki Vandermeer, [email protected]