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 Fall 2019

Discussion groups

Book Club: White Fragility  
Faculty Inquiry  
Academic Leadership Series  




August 15

noon - 1:20

1:30 - 2:50

Welcome back workshops

  • Coteaching and Climate Change - Amanda Van Lanen and Rachel Jameton
  • Inclusive Practices - Amy Canfield and Marlowe Daly-Galeano
  • Motivating students and projects with graphic organizers - Amy Minervini and Rachel Jameton
  • Blackboard Nuts and Bolts - e-Learning


TBD Introduction to Academic Leadership
TBD Hot Topics in Academic Leadership: change, conflict and cohorts
TBD Self-insight, reflection and direction - Jenny Scott
TBD Direction and job description writing 
TBD Effective Strategies for Student Groups - Jill Thomas-Jorgenson
 TBD  Active Learning - Suzanne Rousseau

Considerations for an Inclusive Classroom - Julie and Spencer


Equitable classroom practices - Kylee and Renee


"Creating an environment where integrity and ethics matter"


Course outcomes with Angela Meek and her cool cards


graphic organizers and checklists as teaching/learning tools with Amy M



Multicultural counseling with Manee


Belonging Project panel (Amanda)


Mentor model (+ webpage, Amanda)


Coming soon

 TBD  Regularly occuring (and always available by request)
  • Design Charrettes for problem solving in online classes with Carrie  
  • Authentic Learning - Ayo, Nina
  • Synthesis - Barbara
  • Reflection with Michelle and Ella-Mae
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Community Building
  • Hidden curriculum 
  • Crisis training
  • Crumping
  • Teaching and Learning with International Students 
  • How to distinguish between real and fake news - Johanna Bjork
  • Snagit and microlectures with Carrie Kyser and Angela Meek
  • Designing garden-based experiential learning activities and co-teaching activities
  • Guided Inquiry Workshop Design Group 
  • Course Design
    • overview
    • outcomes
    • active learning
    • assessment (classroom assessment techniques)
  • Introduction to Observation
  • How We Connect Learning to Life, Big and Small
  • Gaming - Angela Wartel
  • Providing useful feedback to students/effective and efficient Grading - Rachel

note: An asterisk in front of a name indicates that the event organizer is not the CTL. Please contact organizers of asterisked events directly if you have questions. All other events have been organized by the CTL and inquiries can be directed to tlc@lcsc.edu.