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Fall 2018

  • Book club: The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness by Emily Esfahani Smith
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Oct. 8 

noon - 1:00pm

Brown Bag lunch & discussion re: Cultural Appropriation & Indigenous Cultures with Dr. Jace Saplan (IPC)* 

Dr. Jace Kaholokula Saplan, of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, will be on campus October 8 to talk with us about Native Hawai’ian culture, Cultural Appropriation, and his work with the preservation of indigenous music and the music of Queen Lili’uokulani. He also does a great deal of work in the areas of  GLBTQ issues and music and social justice. In fact, he is visiting us en route to a conference on music and social justice, where he will be presenting a session. 

Dr. Saplan’s visit is supported by the Division of Humanities, Rosehill Estate, and the Diversity Speaker Series – NAMVS.

Monday, October 8

7-8 pm Center for Arts & History


Public lecture: “The Music of Queen Lili’uokulani & preservation of indigenous music” with Dr. Jace Saplan (IPC)

Dr. Saplan’s visit is supported by the Division of Humanities, Rosehill Estate, and the LCSC Native American Studies program.

Thursday Oct. 11

noon - 1 pm


Are you looking for new ways to engage students? Role-immersion games and simulations have been shown to build community, engage students, and lead to deeper critical thinking skills. Join us to learn more about how these exciting approaches can inspire students and enhance your teaching. Presented by Angela Wartel.

Oct. 15

noon - 1 pm


Oct. 18


Scholarly Writing/Research group*

Tuesday, October 16 12 -1:15


Wednesday October 17 1:30-2:45

Designing Guided Inquiry Workshops*A brief introduction to guided inquiry as a powerful teaching and learning tool, and what it entails. Most of the hour will be dedicated to writing your own workshop. If possible, please bring an idea or two of a sticky concept or skill that you might be interested in having your students “workshop” on. Or you might think of one once the methodology is introduced. Facilitated by Rachel.

 Monday, October 22 1-2pm 


Thursday October 25 from 12-1 

please choose whichever time best fits your schedule

 Introduction to High Impact Practices* (Amanda Van Lanen facilitating)

October 29

noon - 1 pm


Nov. 1

1:30 - 2:30

Scholarly Writing/Research group*


October 31 

noon - 1 pm



November 2 

11 am - noon

Book Club II: The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness,* chapters 3-5


date TBD

Domestic Violence Awareness (IPC)* (Sarah Graham) -  A brown-bag session about how domestic abuse can affect our students and colleagues and ways we can support them

Friday, November 2

noon - 1 pm

New Faculty Workshop: Professional Development*

This session will focus on the professional development resources that are available on campus and will feature representatives from the Faculty Development Committee, the library, and the Office of Grants and Contracts.


November 6th from 12-1

Zoom and recording with closed captioning available

6 Apps in 60 Minutes with Carrie Kyser


November 9

noon - 1:30 pm


LC Presents orientation*

Nov. 12

noon - 1 pm


Nov. 15

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Scholarly Writing/Research group*

November 15

noon - 1 pm

Teaching Statistics* (Ed Miller)

U of I Commons

November 15th from 8:15 to 12:15 

Please RSVP

Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

November 16


Systems Day

Nov. 26

noon - 1 pm


Nov. 29


Scholarly Writing/Research group*


November 28

noon - 1 pm



November 30

11 - noon

Book Club III: The Power of Meaning: Finding Fulfillment in a World Obsessed with Happiness  *chapters 6-conclusion

November 27

noon - 1 pm

Hispanic Educational Achievement (IPC)* (Erika Allen) - Second and third generation Hispanics in Idaho are increasingly completing degrees, participating in leadership roles, and leading community/campus activism.  However, trends indicate first generation Hispanic students continue to face non-academic barriers when pursuing higher education. In this presentation and conversation, non-academic barriers and methods for providing holistic support inside and outside of the classroom to promote student success will be discussed. 

Dec. 3 noon - 1 pm




Dec. 7

11 am  - noon

Connecting by Zoom is available

Compassionate Teaching (IPC)* (Amy Minervini)

Spring 2019


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Brian Smentkowski)


Effective Strategies for Student Groups (Jill Thomas-Jorgenson)


Introduction to Service Learning (Susan Steele)


Field Experience (Mike Edgehouse)


Student engagement online (Jenny Scott)


Beth Buyserie Language and Power (Kerensa Allison)

Monday, February 25, 2019

noon - 1:30 pm

Experiences with race and racism: teachers and teacher trainees with a migratory background (IPC) (guest speaker joining by Zoom: Karim Fereidooni. Leif Hoffmann facilitating)- impacts on student learning, the classroom environment and diversity 

Friday, February 22 

noon - 1 pm

New Faculty Workshop: Tenure and Promotion – What First Year Faculty Need to Know

It is never too early to start thinking about tenure and promotion. In this session, you will meet with past members of STPRC and SPRC to discuss tips for documenting teaching, advising, service, and professional development activities.


Inclusive Practices final reflection

Friday, April 12 

noon - 1 pm

New Faculty Workshop: Reflection

New faculty will meet for an end of year wrap-up session to discuss perceptions of the first year at LCSC and look for forward to the next year. With Brian Smentokowski.



Book Club Dates and Times

Coming soon

FA18 and TBD  Regularly occuring (and always available by request)
  • Design Charrettes for problem solving in online classes with Carrie - FA18, faculty and students 
  • Authentic Learning - Ayo, Nina
  • More cool online tools - Carrie Kyser
  • Providing useful feedback to students/effective and efficient Grading (10 tips)
  • Reflection with Michelle and Ella-Mae
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Community Building
  • Hidden curriculum - Rachel
  • Crisis training
  • Crumping
  • Teaching and Learning with International Students  - Sandra and Lloyd
  • How to distinguish between real and fake news - Johanna Bjork
  • Teaching and Learning with first generation students  - Brian Smentkowski 
  • Introduction to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Brian Smentkowski 
  • Snagit and microlectures with Carrie Kyser and Angela Meek
  • Designing garden-based experiential learning activities and co-teaching activities
  • Guided Inquiry Workshop Design Group 
  • Course Design
    • overview
    • outcomes
    • active learning
    • assessment (classroom assessment techniques)
  • Introduction to Observation
  • How We Connect Learning to Life, Big and Small
  • Gaming - Angela Wartel

note: An asterisk in front of a name indicates that the event organizer is not the CTL. Please contact organizers of asterisked events directly if you have questions. All other events have been organized by the CTL and inquiries can be directed to tlc@lcsc.edu.