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 Fall 2019


Thursday, Sept. 12 noon - 1 pm

Available by Zoom

Dealin’ with Design - Angela Meek

The fresh and fun card game for creating outcomes for your classes! Come spark your imagination and re-envision writing outcomes for your class activities through hands-on activities and discussions. 

Just Added!

Monday, Sept 16

noon - 1 pm

Your Faculty Development Grant – Lorinda Hughes

Are you working on a Faculty Development Grant or considering it? Did you know that some grants are denied because they do not follow instructions exactly, even though the projects are worthwhile? Bring along your work, or your ideas, and walk through the grant requirements to write a great request for funds!

Thursday Sept 26 noon - 1 pm

+1 time as needed and TBD

Available by Zoom

Mentoring students and the new academic coaching model - Amanda Van Lanen and Debra Lybyer

This fall, LC State is piloting a new academic coaching model that provides students with an academic advisor, a peer mentor, and a faculty mentor. In this workshop, you will learn about the work being done by the Advising Center and discuss best practices for mentoring freshmen students. 


Wednesday, October 2 noon - 1pm

Strengthening the Student-Teacher Relationships with International Students (IPC)Teresa Carmack and Sandra Mullins

This presentation provides options and opportunities for educators to help international students, and others, in their classrooms succeed.  According to Korbey (2017), the main reason students do not succeed in school is that they are not able to make meaningful connections with educators or even other school staff. This presentation will emphasize not only the importance of the student-teacher connection, but also provide ideas and strategies to strengthen the student-teacher relationship with international students.  Communication and connections are the basis of success. 

Thursday October 31 noon - 1 pm

Group work: Lifejackets and Hope - Jill Thomas-Jorgenson

Group work is an important way to build community, increase student understanding, build communication skills, and engage students with different backgrounds and experiences. Unfortunately, students often bring negative prior experiences with them into the classroom which can make group work difficult. With some careful planning, there is hope! In this workshop, strategies for group formation, ground rules, conflict resolution and good results will be discussed in a lively and fun atmosphere.  You will leave with multiple “lifejackets” to help keep you, and your students afloat as you navigate group work.

November TBD

Play and Creativity in the College Classroom - Suzanne Rousseau

 Thursday November 14

noon - 1 pm

Hot Topics in Academic Leadership: change, conflict and cohorts - LaChelle, Jenny, Jenni and Rachel

Discussion groups

Book Club: White Fragility Tuesdays the weeks of 9/9, 10/14 and 12/2
Scholarly Research and Writing group

noon - 1 pm

Alternate Tuesdays

9/3, 9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 10/29, 11/12

The Scholarly Research and Writing group is a support network designed to allow faculty to meet regularly to set goals, share progress and setbacks on their research and writing, and encourage one another in their scholarly projects. We do not exchange or workshop our writing, but rather we use the meetings to keep us active and accountable in our diverse research and writing projects.  Past participants have worked on and completed book proposals and chapters, articles, conference proposals and papers, podcasts, posters, textbooks, surveys, and professional resources.  If you have questions about the group, are interested in participating, or would like to set up a second meeting group that meets at another time, please email Marlowe Daly-Galeano at hmdalygaleano@lcsc.edu. Or just show up at the first meeting on September 3.


Faculty Inquiry Mtgs in Fall will be during the weeks of 9/9, 10/21 and 11/18, dates and times TBD by participants
New Faculty Orientation
Friday, September 6
noon - 1 pm
Scholarship and Professional Development
Meet (or re-meet) your first year faculty cohort and share your thoughts and questions about scholarship. Faculty guests from across campus will tell us about how they balance
their scholarship and teaching. Also on- and off- campus grant and professional
development opportunities will be presented.
Friday, October 11
noon - 1 pm
Advising and Mentoring - Senior Director of Academic Advising, Debra Lybyer, will walk us through the nuts and bolts of online advising and tell us about how her office and faculty work together. Amanda will also talk about our mentor model.

Friday, November 1
noon - 1 pm
Teaching - This is the heart of what we do at LCSC, and we talk about it all of the time. Share your first semester successes and challenges, and Amanda and Rachel will bring along a few tips and ideas as well.


 Spring 2020

Book club: Range by Epstein

TBD Academic Leadership: introduction and cohorts 
TBD Equitable classroom practices (IPC) - Kylee and Renee
TBD Direction and job description writing
TBD Self-insight, reflection and direction - Jenny Scott 
TBD Belonging project
TBD Considerations for an Inclusive Classroom (IPC) - Julie and Spencer
TBD "Creating an environment where integrity and ethics matter"



Coming soon

 TBD  Regularly occuring (and always available by request)
  • Design Charrettes for problem solving in online classes with Carrie  
  • Authentic Learning - Ayo, Nina
  • Synthesis - Barbara
  • Reflection with Michelle and Ella-Mae
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Community Building
  • Hidden curriculum 
  • Crisis training
  • Crumping
  • Teaching and Learning with International Students 
  • How to distinguish between real and fake news - Johanna Bjork
  • Multicultural counseling with Manee
  • Snagit and microlectures with Carrie Kyser and Angela Meek
  • Designing garden-based experiential learning activities and co-teaching activities
  • Guided Inquiry Workshop Design Group 
  • Course Design
    • overview
    • outcomes
    • active learning
    • assessment (classroom assessment techniques)
  • Introduction to Observation
  • How We Connect Learning to Life, Big and Small
  • Gaming - Angela Wartel
  • Providing useful feedback to students/effective and efficient Grading - Rachel

note: An asterisk in front of a name indicates that the event organizer is not the CTL. Please contact organizers of asterisked events directly if you have questions. All other events have been organized by the CTL and inquiries can be directed to tlc@lcsc.edu.

Your Faculty Development Grant – Lorinda Hughes

Are you working on a Faculty Development Grant or considering it? Did you know that some grants are denied because they do not follow instructions exactly, even though the projects are worthwhile? Bring along your work, or your ideas, and walk through the grant requirements to write a great request for funds!