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Upcoming Events and Calendar At the TLC unless otherwise noted

Spring 2018

Book club: Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning


February 22

noon - 1 pm

 6 teaching apps in 60 minutes - Join LCSC Instructional Designer Carrie Kyser for a tour of great teaching apps you can use in your classes now. Bring your tablet/phone/laptop to try these out as we go if you would like.


February 12 - 23

9 am - 4 pm

Transforming The Teaching & Learning Environment Conference – We have access to this amazing virtual conference from U of I and will be showing selected presentations in the CTL. There are multiple presentations on engaging and retaining students, technology in the classroom, UDL, creating online learning communities and many others. While the presentations have at their core teaching online, many are generally applicable to student engagement and success regardless of the delivery method. There are 60 hours of presentations in all, and, by faculty request, we are currently planning on showing 14 of them. You are invited to come to the CTL and watch the selected presentations. Also, please have a look through the conference schedule and see if there are additional presentations you would like to sit in on and email me if you find something that interests you that I do not yet have on the list. 


February 23

noon - 1 pm

Newish Faculty Discussion Circle: The Promotion and Tenure Process

February 27

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm (webinar)

Learning Gardens & Learning Landscapes


February 28

noon - 1 pm

Introduction to Midterm Feedback – Enhance learning and engagement by checking in with students during the middle of the term. In this workshop, methods of collecting and responding to midterm feedback will be introduced and attendees will have the opportunity to design their own midterm feedback form or strategy. Faculty that already implement midterm feedback are enthusiastically invited to join the conversation and share ideas. Facilitated by Rachel.


Women's History Month

March 2

8:30-11:30 am

Idaho Environmental Education Association Board meeting

March 2 and 3 

various locations in and around LCSC 

The18th Annual Idaho Environmental Education Conference. This year's theme is "Rediscovering your WOW through a Confluence of People and Place." (www.idahoee.org)

This conference is Idaho’s premier gathering of people who are passionate about learning and the environment. It features examples of how classroom teachers and community partners employ environmental education to address a myriad of curricular and organizational goals, building the environmental literacy of Idaho youth. It is also a great opportunity for regional educators to attend and present.

March 3, 7:30 pm St. James Episcopal in Pullman

March 4, 4:00 pm LCSC Silverthorne Theatre 


The African American Spiritual Tradition: Tell the World (a Palouse Choral Society event, IPC)

Tracing the history of African American spirituals, this concert addresses universal issues of the human condition—hardship, joy, sorrow, and hope through the musical traditions of enslaved Africans, Civil Rights songs and gospel music. Selections include arrangements by Moses Hogan, Robert Shaw and Alice Parker, André Thomas, Thomas Dorsey, Rollo Dilworth, Keith Hampton, Byron Smith, and William Dawson. In addition to the choral selections, the program will provide insight into the pieces and genres performed.

There are comp tickets for the Sunday, March 4 concert at the Silverthorne Theatre at 4pm for LCSC faculty and students. This is a great extra credit opportunity for students, as it is designed to be an educational program. If you and/or your students would like tickets for this program, please email Sarah Graham so that she can get tickets for you and have them available before the concert. 

March TBD

Staged Reading "Just Like Us," Nancy Lee Painter

March 13-17

Native American Awareness Week

Mark your calendar for two amazing guests that will be here on March 15th:

More coming soon! 


April 4

noon - 1 pm

Critical Thinking: Focus on Synthesis Skills - Barbara Barnes

April - May

Accessibility MOOC with Marlene Zentz and Aaron Page


Wednesday April 11

or Thursday April 12

noon - 1 pm

(whichever fits into your schedule)

Course Design: Learning Assessment Techniques - Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Jane Finan and Amanda VanLanen


April 13

noon - 1 pm

Newish Faculty Discussion Circle: Reflection on the year.


April 19

noon - 1 pm

Mike Owen


April 20th

3-5 pm

SAC 122

LCSC Social Work Program presents: What About Us Adults? Join Teri Barila, co-founder of the Community Resiliency Initiative, and Tony McGuire, Resiliency Trainer, to explore resllience strategies for adults. Register with dlswinford@lcsc.edu ($25 preregistration, $30 at the door). For more information, email Lauren Nichols at laurenn@lcsc.edu.

April 30

U of I

Active Learning Symposium (RFP)

Book Club Dates and Times

Book Club SP2018  Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning

all in the CTL, noon - 1 pm

Book Club SP2018: Whistling Vivaldi (IPC)

all in the CTL, noon - 1 pm

 February 5, noon - 1 pm February 9
 February 26, noon - 1 pm March 2
 April 2, noon - 1 pm TBD (originally scheduled on April 6th, which is Faculty/Staff recognition luncheon)
April 23, noon - 1 pm  April 20

Coming soon

SP18 FA18 and TBD  Regularly occuring (and available by request)
  • Teaching and Learning with International Students  - Sandra and Lloyd
  • How to distinguish between real and fake news - Johanna Bjork
  • IPC reflection - Amy and Marlowe
  • Teaching and Learning with first generation students  - Brian Smentkowski SP18
  • Introduction to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning - Brian Smentkowski SP18
  • Design Charrettes for problem solving in online classes with Carrie - FA18, faculty and students 
  • Authentic Learning - Ayo, Nina
  • Providing useful feedback to students/effective and efficient Grading (10 tips)
  • Reflection with Michelle and Ella-Mae
  • Plagiarism Prevention
  • Community Building
  • Hidden curriculum - Rachel
  • Crisis training
  • Crumping
  • Snagit and microlectures with Carrie Kyser and Angela Meek
  • Designing garden-based experiential learning activities and co-teaching activities
  • Guided Inquiry Workshop Design Group 
  • Course Desgn
  • Introduction to Observation
  • How We Connect Learning to Life, Big and Small
  • Gaming - Angela Wartel