During Spring 2021, faculty and staff who teach are invited to workshops and conversations related to innovation in the classroom, IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism), and wellbeing. Spring at LC also brings a host of annual celebrations of culture that you are invited to. They are also listed below.

Innovation, IDEA, and other Conversations

Please contact the CTL for accommodations. Events with a asterisk are not at the CTL. Please contact the organizer listed for more information.

May 5th
noon - 1 pm

Occasional Check-In: How are you? What are you thinking about? How are classes going? How are your students doing?

Regularly Meeting Groups

Here are the articles that we will reading.

  • February 10 at noon: Are you burning out?
  • March 24 at noon: In the Media: Causes and COVID
  • April 14 at noon: Looking Forward: the big picture.

Alternating Thursdays at noon 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22

  • 1/27 at 3 - 4 pm and 1/28 noon - 1 pm: Teaching – an introduction to different modalities and strategies for engagement and teaching excellence.
  • 2/17 at 3 pm: Advising - a walk through the nuts and bolts of online advising.
  • Week of March 29: Scholarship and Professional Development - balancing scholarship and teaching, opportunities for professional development, and planning for the future.
  • Week of April 19: Teaching part II – a reflection on your first semester and thinking about the next one.

Feb. 5, Feb. 26, March 26, April 16

To look forward to: Fall 2021

  • Book club: Small Teaching Online or Distracted? You decide August 2021!
  • More Student and Faculty Partnerships with Heather Van Mullem and Christina

Annual Spring Cultural Events

In spring, we celebrate.

"Lewis-Clark State College prepares students to become successful leaders, engaged citizens, and lifelong learners." - LC's Mission

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." - proverb

Even at a time when we have to socially distance and attend events by Zoom, there are still many meaningful opportunities to meet our mission. Indeed, these annual events are the heart and culture of our campus; they give us focus and the chance to partner across disciplines and departments, help each other, and celebrate our community.

Everyone on campus has a role to play in making these events successful: organizers, volunteers, supporters, attendees. Faculty are key in helping students attend, modelling attendance, and guiding students to make meaning of the events.

Whether you have been including campus events in your syllabus for years, or you are new to the practice, your ideas are highly valued. For some background and a place to start, here is Connecting Campus Programming to our Classes, a workshop facilitated by Marlowe Daly-Galeano, Sarah Graham, and Amy Minervini. Here are a few useful links from the workshop:

The Events


Looking for a list of past events?

The archive includes inquiry groups, workshops, presentations and book clubs dating back to 2015.

If you have items to add to the calendar, please contact the CTL.