Everyday Teaching Excellence Awards

We work among some amazing teachers. The Everyday Teaching Excellence Award allows any faculty or staff member to recognize the everyday acts of teaching excellence that we observe on our campus. Please nominate one (or more) of your excellent colleagues for this recognition. You can nominate someone by emailing their name, division, and a description of their excellence to [email protected], or you can use this form. Please feel free to conceptualize “teaching” broadly, since teaching happens both inside and outside the classroom.

ETE Award Recipients


Burma Hutchinson

Luella Loudenback

Amy Minervini

Gene Straughan

Keegan Schmidt

Rebecca Parks

Lorinda Hughes

Marcy Halpin

Rachel Kaitz

Jenni Light

Bob Sobotta

Suzanne Rousseau

Trent Morgan

Ramon Royce

Randy Eriksen

Angela Wartel

Julie Bezzerides

Ralph Barnes

Alicia Robertson

Emily Carstens Namie

Sarah Graham

Eric Martin

Mark Haynal

Leif Hoffmann

Bill Davenport

Jessica Savage

Ed Miller

Nancy Lee-Painter and Peter Remien

John Morrison

Stephanie Lathrop

Charles Addo-Quaye

Amy Canfield


Becky Snider

Joan Agee

Liz Martin

Jeff Peterson

Bill Hayne

Randy Eriksen

Luella Loudenback

Marti Reese

Liz Scarano

Kylee Britzman

Michelle Pearson Smith

Jennifer Anderson

Nina Peterson

Jeanette Gara-Betzold

Alex Bezzerides

Eric Martin

Teresa Carmack

Nancy Johnston

Harold Crook

Heather Van Mullem

Teri Rust

Renee Harris

Gwen Sullivan

Rodney Farrington

J.R. Kok

Manee Moua

Christina Brando-Subis

Tirazheh Eslami

Julee Moore

Charlie Bell

Teresa Nash

Bill Frei

Kerensa Allison

Samantha Coulter

Leanne Parker

Dr. Deena Rauch

Lauren Connolly

Jenny Scott

Wendy Shuttleworth

Lloyd Mataka

Suzanne Rousseau

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