About the Center for Teaching and Learning

What does the CTL do?


Single sessions on a topic related to teaching. Workshops can be offered as in-person, Zoom, or hybrid sessions. Depending on the presenter/facilitator’s preference, some Zoom or hybrid sessions are recorded and archived on the CTL YouTube page. Workshops are often interactive and may incorporate experiential learning or model teaching activities. Workshops have one or more faculty facilitators or feature a panel of faculty members.

Presentations/book talks

Single sessions in which a presenter shares information on teaching or research, often followed by a question and answer period. Sessions may feature visiting scholars or LC faculty. These sessions are often in-person or hybrid.


Loosely facilitated conversations on a particular topic. Questions and topics are shared in advance.

Lunch at the CTL

Informal, social time at the CTL. All faculty and staff are invited to drop in and eat their lunches with other faculty.

Cohort programs

Ongoing programs over a defined period (one or more sequential semesters) in which faculty apply or sign up and attend regularly while working on a long-term project. Cohort programs have included the Belonging Project, the Faculty Leadership Institute, Co-Teaching, and Faculty Inquiry groups. Meetings may be in-person, Zoom, or hybrid.

Book clubs

In book clubs, participants read one book over the course of a semester, meeting three times per semester to discuss. The book is announced at the start of the semester and the CTL provides books to participants.

Last lectures

The CTL coordinates and promotes Last lectures through collaboration with Faculty Senate; retiring faculty who wish to give a public or campus talk may do so at the CTL, on Zoom, or in their classes.


Faculty may request that an observer visit their class (in-person, virtual, or online) to provide feedback on their teaching; or they may observe other faculty members’ classes through the CIRO (Continual Improvement through Reflective Observations) program.

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