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New Hire Forms

Adjunct Faculty


  1. Form I-9 (will need the required documentation when you complete this form)
  2. Form W-4
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Background Check Form

IT Security Tutorial

Please complete the IT Security Tutorial to obtain an email account. 

FERPA Tutorial

Please complete the FERPA Tutorial using your Warrior ID#.

LCSC Computer Systems

Please refer to the Faculty Introduction to LCSC Systems to obtain computer access to the necessary systems.

Compliance Trainings

Once your email account has been created, you will receive an email from Safecolleges with instructions on how to complete the mandatory compliance trainings.

LCSC Online Directory

To set up your online directory profile, visit the Umbraco website for online instructions.


Students & Irregular Help


  1. Personnel Record Card (Supervisor completes)
  2. Form I-9 (will need the required documentation when you complete this form)
  3. Form W-4
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Background Check Form

IT Security Tutorial

Please complete the IT Security Tutorial to obtain an email account.  If you have an account, you can continue to use this account.  Please note that LCSC students are not eligible for an email account.

Sexual Harassment Training

Once you have been assigned an email account, you will receive an email from SafeColleges training with instruction on how to complete the Sexual Harassment Training.

Payroll Information

Lewis-Clark State College is an agency of the State of Idaho and is a part of the state payroll system.  Employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle with a two-week lag time.  That is, work performed during one pay period will be paid at the end of the following pay period.  Regulary scheduled paydays are every other Friday.

  • Direct Deposit & Paystubs:  All employees are required to use direct deposit.  Your first paycheck will be mailed to your home address but after that all checks will be direct deposit.  Paystubs are available online with the use of your individual user ID and password that you can obtain from the Payroll Office by calling 208.792.2204.
  • I-Time:  I-Time is an online application that allows employees to create their own timesheets and self-enter time.  All employees are required to use I-Time to record your hours worked, vacation, and sick leave hours.  You can obtain your individual user ID and password from the Payroll Office by calling 208.792.2204.

Student Employee Handbook

The Student Employee Handbook is a great reference for students and irregular help employees.  This handbook will explain Lewis-Clark State College's student employment policies.

 All Other Forms

Conflict of Interest Statement

The purpose of this form is to ensure compliance with LCSC and Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) professional consulting and conflict of interest /ethical conduct policies. By signing the statement annually, you acknowledge you are responsible and accountable for the information set forth in LCSC Professional Consulting and Additional Workload Policy, #3.132, LCSC Code of Ethical Conduct Policy, #3.101, and SBOE Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy, Section II, Subsection Q.

Professional Consulting / Conflict of Interest Statement

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law which entitles eligible employees to unpaid, job protected leave, under qualifying circumstances, as follows: (1) for a qualifying health condition of the employee or a family member; (2) for the birth or adoption of a child; and (3) for specific purposes to family members of qualifying military service members. Employees may, at their discretion, elect to use accrued vacation leave, sick leave, and/or compensatory balances concurrently while on FMLA leave (as appropriate).

To qualify for FMLA leave, the employee must meet eligibility criteria, must submit a written request, and upon return to work must provide a medical release (as appropriate).

In the event an employee does not request FMLA leave for time off work for a qualifying health condition, LCSC will designate the employee’s absence as FMLA leave (as appropriate).

Fee Waivers

Staff Fee Waiver

A. The Staff Registration Request must be completed prior to registering for classes and the fee balance is due by the standard fee payment deadlines.

B. Eligible employees and their spouses may receive the fee waiver for a maximum of six (6) credits in a semester or three (3) credits in the summer session under the terms of this benefit. Any credits taken above the six (6) credits in a semester or three (3) credits in the summer session will be paid at full price by the employee.

C. The employee’s job has first priority. In the event of conflicts between requests to take classes during scheduled working hours and the department’s ability to provide services, the supervisor has the authority and responsibility to approve, modify or deny the request.

D.  Reciprocal educational privileges allow LCSC employees (some also allow spouses) to take courses for reduced fees at other Idaho institutions.  Each institution has specific rules, so check with the institution you plan to attend for specifics.  University of Idaho no longer allows online classes.

Staff Fee Waiver Form

Dependent Child Fee Waiver

A.  Employee must be a permanent LCSC employee who has completed at least six months of benefit-eligible service with the college and who is scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.

B.  “Dependent” is defined as an unmarried child through age 25 as of the first day of the semester. A child is defined as a son, daughter, stepchild, adopted child, or foster child.

C.  The discount for a dependent is 50% reduction in current resident and nonresident tuition and fees. No other fees are waived by this benefit. Any applicable course, lab and other fees will apply.

D.  This benefit does not apply to non-credit courses, summer session courses, continuing education courses or courses delivered by institutions other than LCSC.

E.  The dependent must be an admitted student who has met all normal academic requirements for the courses delivered by LCSC only.

F.  The discount applies to tuition and fees for either a part-time schedule or a regular full-time class load, as defined by the college. Overload credits are not eligible for the dependent fee discount.

G.  The dependent fee discount may be used for a maximum of eight semesters per dependent (whether part-time or full-time student).

H.  A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above must be maintained in order to be eligible for the dependent fee discount in subsequent semesters.

I.  Only one dependent fee discount for one child will be allowed per semester per family. If both parents work for the college, only one child will be permitted to utilize the dependent fee discount.

J.  If the employee separates during a semester, the dependent may continue his/her classes through the end of that semester only.

K.  Students who accept the dependent discounted fee are no longer “full-time, full-fee paying” and consequently not mandated to participate in LCSC SHIP. Insurance will not be charged and students will not need to submit a waiver for the term that the dependent rate applies.

Dependent Child Fee Waiver Form

Memorandum of Agreement

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Join us in supporting LCSC!

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Performance Evaluations

Personnel Action Forms

Personnel Record Card

This form is used for changes to Temporary and Workstudy employees (Hourly Rate Change, Separation, etc).

Personnel Record Card

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

This is used to make changes to Classified Staff classifications due to change in job responsibilities, etc.

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

Supplemental Retirement Accounts

Please complete one of the following forms to put away additional money into a supplemental retirement account.

For additional information, please contact  

Transfer of Leave Form

If you would like to donate vacation hours to another employees' sick leave balance due to a serious injury or illness to the employee or family member, please complete and return this form to Human Resource Services.

Transfer of Leave Form

Vision Service Plan (VSP) Reimbursement

Submit this form along with your itemized receipt to VSP for out-of-network vision reimbursement or visit the Benefits & Claim section on VSP's website to submit a claim.

Vision Service Plan Out-of-Network Reimbursement Form

Worker's Compensation Notice of Injury

Every work injury that requires medical services other than first aid treatment must be reported within 10 days after the employer has knowledge of the injury.  Return the completed form to

First Report of Injury or Illness


W-4 Form

Complete the Form W-4 to change your witholding allowances or marital status.

Form W-4