Policies and Procedures

Section 1: General

Section 2: Academic

Section 3: Personnel

3.100 Authority of the State Board of Education

3.101 Code of Ethical Conduct

3.102 Employment of Relatives

3.104 Establishing New Positions

3.105 Statement of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action

3.106 Hiring Policy

3.107 Appointment and Employment Status

3.110 Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Prohibited

3.111 Consensual Relationships

3.113 Drug and Alcohol Policy

3.114 Drug Free Workplace

3.115 Smoke Free Campus

3.116 Animals on Campus

3.117 Dismissal of Faculty and Exempt Employees for Cause

3.118 Non Reappointment or Termination of Faculty and Other Exempt Employees

3.119 Probation, Promotion, Demotion, Reclassification, and Transfer of Classified Employees

3.120 Separation of Classified Employees

3.121 Retirement

3.122 Financial Exigency Policy and Staff Reduction Procedures

3.123 Additional Compensation for Administrative Appointments

3.124 Payroll Set Up

3.125 Leave

3.127 Problem Solving/Due Process Procedure for Classified Employees

3.128 Grievance Procedures for Professional Staff Employees

3.129 Performance Evaluation of Employees

3.130 Educational Privilege Dependent Fee Discount

3.132 Professional Consulting and Additional Workload

3.133 Duty Assignments and Office Hours

3.134 Personnel Files

3.135 Safety and Accidents

3.136 Campus Safety and Security

3.137 Key Issuance

3.138 Telecommuting

3.139 Benefit Eligibility

3.200 Lactation Support

3.201 Employee Disability and Accommodation Request Procedures

3.203 Faculty Sick Leave

3.204 Campus Security Authorities

3.205 Emergency Notification and Timely Warnings

3.206 Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Section 4: Administrative

Section 5: Students