Division of Teacher Education

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Teacher In-Service

The Teacher In-Service program is administered under the direction of the Teacher Education Division at Lewis-Clark State College. The State Board of Education has enacted policies which determine the administration of related fees and activities. These include:

  • Students participating in a Teacher In-Service course must be a certificated staff member at an elementary or secondary school (i.e., pupil services, instructional or administrative).
  • The credit awarded is for professional development and cannot be applied to a degree program.
  • The course must be approved by the appropriate academic unit(s) at the institution.

The fee for Teacher In-Service is $50/credit. Since the institution does not pay for instruction this allows for discounted rates for certificated elementary or secondary school staff members. In some situations, the total cost of a course may be higher (e.g., when special course materials are required, when there are field trip expenses). Details about additional course fees are available at the time of course registration (in WarriorWeb, LC’s web registration portal). If the course has an on-line component, the current LCSC on-line fee will be required in addition to the course fee.  Students not eligible for the Teacher In-Service rate, but who wish to participate in a Teacher In-Service course, must enroll in a separate section and pay the institution’s regular part-time fee.