Online Elementary Education

The Elementary Teacher Education program (grades K-8) is also available completely online. Elementary Education students will have opportunities to learn about, evaluate, practice and refine a variety of teaching strategies based on best teaching practices, as identified by professional organizations, in content areas taught to elementary students. The online elementary program is designed for:

  • New Students
  • LCSC Students on campus who would like to complete online
  • Transfer Students under LC Express Agreements with CSI, CWI, or NIC

Minor areas of study available online include:

  • Literacy
  • Special Education

Students who begin the online program fall semester may complete within 4 years if they take the courses as recommended in the program plans.  Please be aware that not all courses are available online every semester. Therefore, it is important to schedule classes as recommended in the program plans provided.

Students in Elementary Education will provide performance evidence that they meet the following LCSC standards of being a:

  1. dedicated professional
  2. knowledgeable professional
  3. content specialist
  4. educational designer
  5. educational facilitator
  6. educational evaluator
  7. culturally responsive educator
  8. reflective professional

Students are responsible for working closely with their advisor to ensure compliance with certification requirements. For more information, please use the contact information on the right side of this page.