Dual Credit Course 2021-2022 | Section #HS2U1

CourseSection NumberTitleCreditsYear/Term OfferedHigh School Instructor
*COMM 204HS2U1Public Speaking3Fall and SpringBrittanie Brown
*ENGL 101HS2U1Writing and Rhetoric I3Fall and SpringBrittanie Brown
*MATH 147HS2U1College Algebra & Trigonometry5Full YearKrystal Kovisto
*MATH 170HS2U1Calculus I4Full YearKrystal Kovisto
*SPAN 101HS2U1Elementary Spanish IFull YearGuy Wells

* GEM (General Education Matriculation) courses. These courses are accepted across all state institutions in Idaho.

Full Year courses - Students must be enrolled in these courses for both fall and spring semesters to receive credit.