The Basics

Here is a Purchasing Overview of the three different dollar thresholds and purchasing processes.

Here is a summary chart of the basic process for purchasing items at LC State.

Here is a Purchasing Step by Step Guide for the basic processes.

Here is a breakdown of the steps required to make a purchase via a Purchase Order, and the estimated timeframe from initiation of order to payment of invoice.

Goods & Services Ordering to Payment Process

Here is a breakdown of timeframes for sample purchasing scenarios.

Using a P-Card

The easiest way to make a purchase under $2,000 is to use the P-Card. (Exceptions: prohibited P-Card purchases.) In fact, the following transactions are P-Card mandatory unless a department does not have one:

  • Enterprise Rent A Car
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Global Travel
  • Home Depot
  • Map Travel
  • Office Depot
  • Sodexo

Check to see if the item is available on a Statewide Contract. Most are mandatory use, meaning that departments purchasing the specific product or service are required by State law to use them.

Using a Purchase Order

Important: Contact Purchasing for a Purchase Order number prior to placing the order. 

Place your order and then enter it into Colleague as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the invoice, or for the order to come in; when the invoice arrives the PO should already be in place in Colleague.

Purchases over $2,000 (but under $10,000) require that all approvals be completed in Colleague prior to ordering. The process for this:

  1. Enter the req in Colleague. Where you would normally enter the req/PO number provided by Purchasing, hit enter and let the system assign a requisition number. (Note: this is NOT a Purchase Order and is not to be provided to the vendor.)
  2. Manually add your department's Dean or VP (Direct Reports will add the President's Executive Assistant).
  3. Email any quote or ordering information to Purchasing.
  4. When all approvals have been obtained, Purchasing will assign a PO number and email the Purchase Order to the company.

Orders over $10,000  - please enter a req in Colleague in order to secure all necessary approvals. There is a vendor record called "Solicitation" that we'd like for you to use in this case. If the items are not on a Statewide Contract or otherwise exempt, Purchasing will need to solicit quotations.

Depending on whether you're needing to purchase goods, services, or software, please fill out one of the below forms and email to [email protected] (Note: Purchasing will fill out the top portion; you are the subject matter expert and will answer the questions on the form.)

Questionnaire - Goods

Questionnaire - Services

Questionnaire - Software

All approvals, including that of the Controller's Office, need to be obtained in Colleague prior to Purchasing putting the order out to bid. If you are not sure whose approvals are needed, contact Purchasing.

Other forms:

Brand Name Exemption

Exemption From an Open (Statewide) Contract

One-Time Exemption From Competition

Sole Source Request

Sole Source Request - instructions

Trade-In Authorization


RFQ Template - Purchasing will fill one of these out when putting your request out to bid.

    1. Supervisors/department heads can get a P-Card in their name and delegate the review using the delegation form for the next level review
      • Delegation must not have a conflict to the line of authority (ex: VP’s card cannot be delegated within the same unit, department director within the unit cannot approve respective VP P-Card log, must be approved by another unit).
      • Department heads may delegate to a peer department within the same unit or next level up within the same unit.
      • The ability to delegate must be approved by the P-Cardholder's respective VP, or the President (if the P-Card holder is a direct report). Delegation as a routine business practice is not encouraged.
      • Support staff (ex: administrative assistant) can put the P-Card in their name and the next level review is the supervisor.
    2. There is an option for a departmental card, in which the support staff member would be responsible, so the next level review is the supervisor (an option but not preferred; please request VP approval).
    3. If the supervisor/department head is not the P-Cardholder, there will be an annual review by Purchasing.

NOTE: P-Cards are LCSC cards and do not affect individual credit ratings; the name is an indicator of who is responsible for tracking transactions but not who is financially responsible.

  • Complete the P-Card Application form and submit to the next level of authority for approval.
  • Email the completed application.
  • Complete the P-Card training.
    • P-Card Training will be provided on March 16th, 2023. See the Monday Message for details.
    • Email to request training.
    • P-Card Training

Once the card is ordered, it typically arrives in 2-3 business days. You will get an email from Purchasing with instructions for picking up and activating your card.

P-Cardholders have the ability to view their PIN through the Global Card Access website.

To change your PIN, call the Global Card Services number listed on the back of your card. You will need the following information:

  • Verification ID (provided when you picked up your card, or contact Purchasing)
  • Phone number associated with the account (208-792-2288)
  • Zip code (83501)

Sign off on your March transactions by Wednesday, April 5th, 2023. 

The next P-Card transaction sweep will occur at 12:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 6th, which means that the last workday to sign off on your March transactions is Wednesday, April 5th.

The Department P-Card Manager's role is to review all transactions to ensure compliance with all State of Idaho and institutional policies. The P-Card Manager maintains the monthly transaction logs and presents them to the P-Cardholder for further review.

Here are the steps to take to assign a Department P-Card Manager:

  • The P-Card Maintenance Form will need to be completed, signed, and emailed to Purchasing.
  • When the Agreement has been received by Purchasing, the Department P-Card Manager will be set up in Works to manage the P-Cardholder's transactions.

Colleague is the administrative software suite used across campus. For Purchasing functions, you will primarily use XREQM for entering requisitions. Employees new to LCSC or new to entering requisitions will start by filling out the Online Requisition Training Request and returning it to Purchasing. When you are set up in the Test area, Purchasing will contact you and walk you through the training process.

Whenever equipment/property is disposed of or transferred to another state agency, a Property Disposal Form must be completed and sent to the Purchasing Office prior to disposal.

  • Download and complete the form by providing as much information as possible. Including:
    • LCSC Inventory tag #
    • Description of item
    • Condition codes (see codes listed on form)
    • Original cost, if known
    • Estimated value of equipment
  • Indicate which disposal method you will be using by placing an "X" in the appropriate box (or boxes) numbered 01-12.
  • Be sure to sign the form electronically.
  • Email the completed form to Purchasing.
  • Wait for a copy signed by the Purchasing Director to be returned to you before disposing of the property. You should receive the signed copy within 7-10 days.

In order for Purchasing to enter a new vendor into Colleague, we request the vendor's W9. If the W9 indicates that the vendor is a sole proprietor and not an incorporated business, the purchase will be paid for in a different manner than the usual requisition/PO or P-Card.

If you have further questions, please contact Purchasing or Payroll.

Professional Services and Consulting Agreement

Some vendors may require us to complete a credit application before they will allow a direct billing arrangement.

  • Departments are not authorized to complete or sign any credit application.
  • Please forward these requests to Purchasing.
  • Please allow reasonable processing time (typically 2-3 business days) and use your P-card when applicable. Not all credit applications are approved so please allow ample time to make alternate purchasing plans if necessary.

Workplace Necessities

All furniture needs to be purchased using the State of Idaho furniture contracts, or Idaho Correctional Industries.

The current list of state contract furniture vendors is here.

We request that you communicate with the company reps so that they can provide you with options to choose from that will meet your needs.

If an item is installed on, plugged into, or otherwise connected to a campus computer or any campus network, it must be approved by the IT Director before it is purchased.

Please read here for complete instructions.

While the majority of IT items should be ordered by Purchasing, some "office supply" type items, such a USB drives, keyboards, and wireless mice may be ordered by the department with prior approval from the IT Director.

All office supplies are to be purchased through the state contract with Office Depot. Please contact Purchasing if you would like to be set up with a login.

The majority of Office Depot orders are delivered directly to your office the next day.

For a new phone, please email Purchasing and request a current list of available phones and prices. When you've decided on a phone, or if you're renewing your current phone plan:

  • Enter a req in Colleague (letting the system assign a number)
  • Fill out the MCD Agreement, route it for approval signatures, and return to Purchasing

Colleague Help

If you have been approved to enter requisitions*, you will receive training from Purchasing. If you have forgotten how to do something, or if you have any questions or problems, please call or email Purchasing and we will be happy to assist you.

* See "How Do I get Started Entering Reqs in Colleague" under The Basics above.

If you have been designated to approve requisitions in Colleague, IT will set you up with an Approval ID, and Purchasing will contact you with instructions. If you have received this instruction and require further assistance, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

CF-Financial System Mnemonics

XBAL-Use for Fund Balance Information on Local Accounts. e.g. 904601
XBUD-Use for Summary Information for cost centers with Budgets; e.g. 904101

AP- Accounts Payable

VENI –Use the Vendor Activity Inquiry (VENI) screen to view all purchasing activity with the specified vendor, includes total year-to-date numbers.

VRAI –Use the Voucher AR Inquiry (VRAI) screen to view vouchers processed though the Accounts Receivable module; student refunds, travel payments.

VOUI –Use the Voucher Inquiry (VOUI) screen to view information about a voucher.

CHKI –Use the Check Inquiry (CHKI) screen to view a list of all vouchers that were paid by a particular check.

PU- Purchasing

RINQ – Use the Requisition Inquiry (RINQ) screen to view status information about a requisition. RQ number required.

PINQ –Use the Purchase Order Inquiry (PINQ) screen to view status information about a purchase order. PO number required.

GL- General Ledger

GLJI – Use the General Ledger Journal Entry Inquiry (GLJI) to display information about journal entries reflected on Financial reports.
ENCI – Use the Encumbrance Inquiry (ENCI) screen to display information about outstanding encumbrances for a specified 15 digit GL account number.

AHST - Use GL Account History Inquiry (AHST) to view historical summary information about a specific GL account number. Includes data back to 1995.

FX- Fixed Assets

FXIN - Use the Fixed Assets Inquiry (FXIN) screen to inquire about numerical tagged assets. Tag number required.