Expand your knowledge, increase your marketability, and accelerate your career pathway with a minor in health.

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This minor is designed for individuals interested in health promotion and/or teaching health/wellness. Individuals who want to be endorsed to teach Health in grades 6-12 or who seek careers in health-enhancing behaviors in schools, hospitals, insurance companies, college wellness programs, health clubs, fitness clubs, corporate worksite health promotion, health spas, physicians offices, physical therapy and public health services will gain knowledge and experience in practical skills focused on health and wellness through positive behavior change. Students majoring in Nursing, Teacher Education, Social Work and Psychology may be interested in this minor. 

Related Careers

  • Health education specialist, $56,500
  • Occupational therapist, $86,280
  • Exercise physiologist, $50,280
  • Exercise trainer and group instructor, $40,510
  • Athletic trainer, $49,860
  • Massage therapist, $43,620
  • Community health workers, $42,000

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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