Political Science

Better understand the economic and political complexities of society and apply this knowledge to just about any career.

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Political Science includes evaluation of government, politics and public policies. Students of political science appreciate the importance of politics and government in determining what happens to us. Graduates in Political Science are equipped with analytical skills to better understand how society works in its economic and political complexities. Graduates enter into a wide variety of careers.

Related Careers

• Political Science teacher, postsecondary, $85,760
• Political Scientist, $125,350
• Lawyer, $126,930
• Urban and regional planner, $75,950
• Judges and hearing officers, $124,200
• Public relations specialist, $188,430
• Public relations specialist, $62,810

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“After four years of studies that spread across many fields of study, I can look back, with appreciation, to the classes that taught me several skills worth carrying over into the workforce as well as expanding my education into the graduate programs." - Garret Pearson ‘18, law school student

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