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Student Account Services

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Payment Plans who needs a payment plan?


A payment plan may be available to students who do not have a delinquent account with the college and have not defaulted on any previous financial obligations incurred at the college.

Students who are allowed to defer payment of fees will be required to sign a formal promissory note and will be assessed a $25 administrative service charge.

Standard payment plans for fall and spring requires a down payment of 50% of total fees, plus the service charge, is required at the time the contract is signed.  The balance is split in half, with a payment due in 30 days and the remaining half due the following 30 days.  The sooner the payment plan is set up the longer the payment terms can be.  Students should contact Student Accounts for additional details regarding the payment plan.

Summer payment plan arrangements vary depending on the length of the session(s).  The standard plan requires 50% down with one payment.   A smaller down payment or additional monthly payment may be available; however, the summer payment plan must be paid in full before the summer term ends.  

Payment plan contracts must be signed and the down payment made before the fee payment deadline to avoid late fees.

Students who are ready to setup a payment plan must first complete the online Payment Plan Request From. If you have questions before submitting your payment plan request, please call the Student Accounts office during business hours at (208) 792-2790 for assistance.

 Payment Plan Request Form