Big changes are coming to WarriorWeb!

Starting on September 20th, students will use your LCMail Google account to sign into WarriorWeb and staff/faculty will use your LCSC.edu Microsoft account.

Keep scrolling to try out the new links today or click here to continue to use your current WarriorWeb account.

The Student/Proxy link will display an error if you are signed into a Gmail account.  Log off your Gmail account and try the link again.

Select Your Role to Sign In

Currents students, proxy users, applicants, and past students will use the Student/Proxy link.

Faculty members and staff who are also students should use the Faculty/Staff link.  For faculty and staff whose WarriorWeb user name is not the same as their @lcsc.edu username, you'll need to use the Student/Proxy link and use your LCMail e-mail address and password.  We are working through this issue to find a solution.

If you have never signed in, your password will be your eight digit birth date. If you have already signed in and changed your password then you can use the 'Forgot password' link on the Google sign in page.  This will send a link to your recovery email account with instructions on how to recover your password.  You can also call the Help Desk at 208-792-2231.

Retrieve your user name by typing in an email address that was used when you applied.

If you do not receive an email then the email address provided was not in our records.  Please call the Help Desk to receive your user name - 208-792-2231.

You may be signed in with another Google account which is preventing your LCMail from signing in. Click here to log out of all Google accounts and then try signing into WarriorWeb again.

To protect student data, LC State will be requiring all people who access WarriorWeb to use Multi Factor Authentication.  WarriorWeb does not the ability to use Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) natively.  To enable MFA, LC State will need to use other systems that do have the ability to use MFA to authenticate to WarriorWeb.  Students, both past and present, proxy users and applicants will log into WarriorWeb using their LCMail account.  LCMail will require MFA by September 27th.  Staff and faculty will log into WarriorWeb using their @lcsc.edu Microsoft email account and will utilize Duo for MFA.  This will allow students to only utilize one username and one password to access both LCMail and WarriorWeb.