Classified Staff Organization

CSO Staff at Social 2013


Current Committees

Employee Recognition Committee:

The Recognition Committee is responsible for the fundraising activities and promoting and coordinating the annual social. The committee chair and members who make up the committee are volunteers from the CSO body. The chair will maintain communication with the treasurer and CSO chair and meet as needed to discuss impending expenditures; including, but not limited to, expenses relating to preparing for events, CSO member retirement gifts and hardship donations. Expenditure requests are submitted to committee members to vote on by email or at an Employee Recognition Committee meeting.

Hardship donations are given to classified employees who have an unexpected medical emergency/surgery, terminal illness diagnosis, or death of an immediate family member (within the household). The assistance of all CSO members is needed to alert the chair of the Recognition Committee of anyone who may qualify. Committee members will then determine if individuals meet the above guidelines. The dollar amount of hardships will be determined by the Recognition Committee based on CSO funds availability, though will not exceed $50.

Nomination/Election Committee:

By the first of February, the CSO chair shall appoint a Nomination/Election Committee consisting of the Chair-Elect (who shall serve as the Nomination/Election Committee Chair) and three members from the organization to identify a slate of persons willing to serve as officers in the organization. Nominations will be actively solicited from the membership. The slate shall be presented to the membership through email notification by the first of March. New officer orientation by immediate past officers shall occur between the election results and June 30. New officers shall take office at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1.

Employee of the Year Committee:

The Employee of the Year Committee is responsible for soliciting nominations and selection of the CSO Employee of the Year. The past Employee of the Year will chair the committee, consisting of five committee members. In the event the past Employee of the Year is unable to chair the committee, the chair of the CSO can designate a CSO member who is not eligible to receive the award. The members will consist of individuals who cannot be nominated because they have already received the award or new employees who are not eligible for nomination. Members who are not eligible to be nominated are those who have worked for Lewis-Clark State College for under two years (as of April 30) or who have received this award within the last five years.

  1. The committee chair will solicit five (5) committee members by the end of January.
  2. No committee member may serve more than once in a five year period with the exception (see C) of request from the committee chair.
  3. If a committee member cannot complete his/her duties, the committee chair may appoint a qualified member to fill this position.
  4. No committee member is allowed to make nominations.
  5. The selection committee will meet the first week in February to review the selection process and finalize a time table for nominations and selection.
  6. The committee chair will call for nominations from the whole body of the campus (faculty, staff and students) via the Intranet and CSO web site during the first three weeks of March.
  7. The committee chair will receive the nominations.

The committee chair will remove the name of the nominee from the nomination form and replace it with a number; the committee chair will also remove any identifying information of the nominee so that no committee member will know the identity of the nominee. The nominations will be sent to the committee members one week prior to the selection meeting. The committee members will rate the applications following a scale of one to five with five being the strongest. The committee as a whole will meet, discuss the nominations, and vote.

The committee chair will inform the CSO Chair and the Provost’s Office of the committee’s selection by the second Friday in April. The recipient’s name will be kept confidential until the Awards Ceremony in May at which time he/she will receive the award.

When the selection has been completed and award given, all letters of nomination will be delivered to each nominee. Copies of nomination letters will also be sent to each nominee’s supervisor. A list of nominees and finalists by year will be kept in the Employee of the Year Committee records. After the award has been announced, the Employee of the Year Committee will meet with the award recipient (who is to become the next year’s committee chair) to discuss the process and make suggestions for the next year’s committee.

Committee Formation

Special or ad-hoc committees may be created and disbanded by majority vote of the Officers’ Council. The CSO Chair shall be an ex-officio (with vote) member of all subcommittees except the Nomination/Election Committee. General membership will be informed of committee formation.

  1. All committees must have a chairperson who is appointed by the CSO Chair.
  2. Committee chairs will maintain a committee notebook containing a list of committee members, current assignments, correspondence, record of activities, and minutes of committee meetings.
  3. The out-going committee chairs will hold a transition meeting with in-coming committee chairs.
  4. There is no limitation on the number of years a member can serve on any committee.