Faculty Job Description/Annual Review

Job Description

Each calendar year a Job Description will be developed for all instructional and library faculty members. Job Descriptions are not required for adjunct faculty teaching six or fewer credits per semester.

Job Description form for Instructional Faculty

Job Description form for Library Faculty

Timeline:  Before March 1, the division chair or director will meet with the faculty member to negotiate the Job Description for the calendar year (spring semester of the current academic year and the fall semester of the following academic year).  By March 1, the signed Job Description must be submitted for approval to the dean. The approved Job Description will be returned to the division/library and kept on file for use in completing the annual performance review.

Annual Performance

All instructional personnel will be confidentially evaluated annually on assigned duties as established by the current year Job Description. Performance Reviews shall be conducted by the division chair/director. For non-tenured faculty, the division chair/director must include with the evaluation a recommendation regarding continued employment.

Annual Performance Review form for Instructional Faculty

Annual Performance Review form for Library Faculty

Annual Review timeline:

January 25 - 1st Year Faculty

November 8 - 2nd Year Faculty

March 1 - 3rd+ Year Faculty

May 1 - Adjuncts teaching more than 6 credits a semester.