Internship MOU Professional Liability

Internships contribute to students' overall academic development and provide a mechanism for students to apply skills and gain work experience prior to graduation.  Internships are approved work-based experience that is specific in nature and generally follows completion of foundational didactic coursework.  Internship experience can be characterized by independent work in an organization or agency that leads to achievement of measurable student learning outcomes or objectives.  An internship generally lasts one or more semesters and may be paid or unpaid. College faculty supervise and evaluate student performance in the internship,

To ensure a good experience for the student and Intership site, LCSC Policy 2.122: Practica and Internships must be adhered to, and the standard Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be used.  Additional materials may be provided in an addendum to the MOU.

There are two distinct memoranda.

  • The Internship MOU Professional Liability document is to be used by programs where students pay professional liability insurance fees.  Most student clinical/practicum/field experience hours are covered under a broader clinical affiliate agreement or agency contract.  Divisions or programs that may use this form for individual student internship experiences that fall outside of a clinical affiliate or agency agreement include: Allied Health (Workforce Training), Medical Assistant, Movement & Sport Sciences, Nursing & Health Sciences, and Social Work.
  • The Internship MOU Other Programs document is to be used for students in programs were there is no professional liability fee.

Policy 2.122 Practica and Internships

Internship MOU