Progress Report - June 2014

Throughout Fall 2013, faculty, staff, and students provided input into the criteria and indicators to be used in prioritization (noted on the Provost Office web page). The criteria and indicators were then embedded into the existing institutional assessment documents/ processes, which concluded in February 2014.

All results and documents were reviewed by President’s Cabinet and organized into quintiles based on the original criteria. The quintiles were further refined by administration based on a variety of data points (e.g., faculty/ staff/ student survey results, fiscal resources, numbers of majors and/ or graduates).

In total, 115 instructional and non-instructional programs were prioritized into quintiles, including athletics and the auxiliary enterprises; no programs were held harmless. The action language for each quintile is noted here.

  • Quintile 1: Highly successful; seek additional resources (14 programs)
  • Quintile 2: Highly successful; sustain current support (40 programs)
  • Quintile 3: Successful; areas for enhancement identified (26 programs)
  • Quintile 4: Multiple elements needing improvement (17 programs)
  • Quintile 5: Needs or is undergoing major review / restructure (18 programs)

The quintiles have been discussed with the Deans/ Department Directors. Those programs in quintiles four (4) and five (5) will collaborate with their division chair/ department director to submit an action/ program review plan to the respective vice president (date to be determined). Programs in quintiles one, two and three may also be asked to identify action items to strengthen the program. Each action plan may include elements identified by the vice president, dean or department director. However, significant input from faculty, staff, and students is anticipated as action plans are detailed, outcomes / benchmarks are established, and timelines are determined.