Campus Activity and Event Accessibility

Campus Event and Activity Accessibility Policy

All events that take place on campus must meet accessibility standards in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504). All event organizers must be familiar with this policy, comply with its scheduling and notice requirements, and make every effort to accommodate disabled attendees at college sponsored events.

Accessibility Services office can be contacted for assistance with documentation for the event. Wheelchairs for on campus events may be obtained by contacting the Security Office. For assistance with technical needs, please contact Informational Technology. It is encouraged to make any requests as soon as possible prior to the event.

Responsibility for making events accessible

To the extent readily achievable, event planners must address physical and programmatic access/accessibility concerns as defined below. Accomplishing this goal requires coordination across campus, as well as the participation of those seeking an accommodation. However, primary responsibility for accessibility rests with the event organizer to make a good faith effort to accommodate all persons with disabilities.  The event planner can consult with the LC State Accessibility Services office at 208.792.2677 or the Facilities Director at 208.792.2247 on an as needed basis regarding any accessibility questions.

Scheduling Events

The college will make every effort to schedule all events open to the public in an accessible space. Event organizers should also make every effort to assure accessibility for those activities open only to students, faculty and/or staff (i.e. the college community) when possible. If for any reason a college community event is scheduled in a space that is not accessible, and the event organizer receives a request for an accommodation from an individual with a disability, the event organizer must work to find an alternate location that is accessible and/or assess alternative accommodations such as remote viewing from an accessible location or other appropriate remedy.

Statement of Contact when Publicizing Activities and Events

  • Event organizers must place an accessibility notice statement on all materials announcing the event. This includes electronic communications such as email, as well as print materials (e.g., banners, posters, flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.).
  • The text must include the name and contact information for the individual, division, department, or other unit or group to contact for accommodations.
  • If the event or activity organizer cannot readily accommodate the need for an accommodation for the activity, the organizer can contact the Accessibility Services office for direction and/or assistance. Please provide the name of the event, the specific accommodation(s) requested, and personal contact information of the person making the request. The Accessibility Services office will work with the event organizer and requester to determine the most appropriate and available accommodations whenever possible.

Suggested Accessibility Notices:

Long Version: statement for websites and calendars or flyers, etc.:

"LCSC welcomes participants with disabilities. For questions, or to request disability related accommodations, please contact the event organizer at _________________(phone and email) at least one week prior to the event. In all situations, a good faith effort will be made to provide accommodations. "

Short Version: Suggested accessibility notice statement for flyers and handouts, etc.:

"To request accommodations, please contact the event organizer, ______________, at least one week prior to the event date."

  • Please be sure to provide both an email address and a phone number for the event organizer/contact on the notice, website, flyer or poster.
  • Events that include a meal, should include an option for "medical dietary needs", who to contact with the request and any deadline for the request in the RSVP.

NOTE: It is not necessary to include an accessibility notice in communications regarding routine or standing meetings for small groups of individuals when none of the individuals needs an accommodation.

Requesting Assistance from Accessibility Services:

If assistance is needed, the activity and event planner is responsible for contacting the Accessibility Services office with the following information:

  • the event planner's name and contact information
  • the date the request was received
  • the person who requires the accommodations and their contact information
  • the nature of the accommodation requested
  • the date, name, description and location of the event
  • the start time and duration of the event

Print materials requiring conversion to large print or audio or other alternative format should be provided as Word files as early as possible after a request for alternative format has been made.

An effort should be made to ensure that videos and audio materials used are captioned whenever possible.

Alternatively, FM amplification, a transcript or interpreter may need to be provided when captioning is not available or the event is live.

Student Requests for Accessible Events and Activities

Current students or participants in academic programs such as scholarship competitions, who require alternative formatted materials, amplification, captioning or interpreters or physical accessibility to participate in a campus event should contact both the event planner and the Accessibility Services office at 208.292.2677 as early as possible, prior to the event or activity. A good faith effort will be made to provide accommodations and to ensure equal access once the student is registered with the Accessibility Services office.