What is Camper's Insurance?

Campers Insurance is a limited health and accident insurance for participants in "camps" or other special events that are not associated with regularly scheduled classes (for example, summer sports camps for youth, field trip discovery experiences, math or science camps, etc.)

  • The coverage that is provided to the participants or volunteers is limited and should be considered secondary to any other group insurance policy or prepayment plan in force for the covered person.
  • The policy covers only initial treatment expenses that are not covered by the participant's or volunteer's health insurance, such as deductibles or co-payments, and is not intended to provide full coverage.
  • All Lewis-Clark State College departments that facilitate a camp or day activities are encouraged to obtain this insurance for the participants.

How is Camper's Insurance paid for?

Coverage is arranged through Administrative Services and premiums are paid from the registration fee or program funding source.

The vendor that will be paid by PO is American Income Life Insurance. The department or program requesting the camper's insurance coverage is responsible for creating the PO in Colleague.

  • The cost is 40 cents per participate per day with a minimum of $4.00. The total participants includes all campers and volunteers.

How to request Camper's Insurance?

Departments should complete the Program Insurance Request form and forward to Administrative Services at least two weeks in advance of the event.

The Program Insurance Request is completed by the department with the following information: Name of the contact person and phone number, the camp name, date (s) of activity, estimated number of participants (specify if including volunteers), the signature of the person authorizing insurance request, department head name, and phone number, and approved requisition number.

The Completed Activity Report is completed by the department after the camp or activity has taken place to inform Administrative Services of the exact number of people attending, including volunteers. Administrative Services will obtain an invoice from the insurance company for the exact number of attendees.

Claims must be reported to Administrative Services within 48 hours. The participant's own health insurance will be billed first for any claims.

Any questions about campers' insurance should be directed to Administrative Services.