The cyber insurance policy provides for 25 million in coverage, with a $10,000 agency deductible. A key component of the insurance coverage is timely reporting of cyber events.  Notify IT and the Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration when you become aware of a possible breach. Risk Management will notify the cyber liability carrier and the carrier will assign a Breach Coach to the college who will help select the proper breach counsel and forensic team.

To assist with data breaches print and use the Data Breach Check List.

What is “cyber liability”?

Cyber liability is the risk posed by conducting business over the Internet, over other networks, or using electronic storage technology. Cyber liability includes first and third-party risks associated with the use of computer hardware and software systems, the Internet, networks, mobile computing devices, and other electronic information assets. In addition to electronic hacking or online activities, Cyber Liability Insurance provides coverage for private data and communications in many different formats – paper, digital, or otherwise.

Examples include:

  • Data privacy issues
  • Virus/malicious software (malware) transmission to a third party
  • Business interruption and data recovery
  • Regulatory defense and fines
  • Cyber extortion
  • Website or media misuse
  • Infringement of intellectual property

Top 10 causes of cyber liability claims

1. Lost employee laptop or other computing devices

2. Malicious acts by a rogue employee or ex-employee

3. Improperly disposed of sensitive information

4. Media campaign gone wrong

5. Subcontractor error or omission (including breaches on those subcontracting vendors that are holding your   data)

6. Breach of Personal Protected Information (PPI)/ Hacker

7. Servers and Cloud Storage

8. Dropbox

9. Paper Files

10. Copy Machines

Potential Exposures

  • Citizens’ Records
  • National Security Intercepts (e.g. telephone/email)
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Health Records
  • Tax Data
  • State Contracting, Purchasing
  • Employee Records
  • Student Enrollment Records
  • DMV Records
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Fines/Penalties coming from a regulatory claim alleging a privacy breach or violation of a Federal, State, local or foreign statute or regulation with respect to privacy regulations.


Breach Response Expenses- Covers crisis management, including notification cost, credit monitoring service, and public relations expenses incurred resulting from a security or privacy breach.

Data Restoration- Pays the costs for the restoration of any data stored.

Network Security Liability- Provides liability coverage for damages and claim expenses arising out of any actual or alleged act.

Privacy Liability- Provides liability coverage if an insured fails to protect personal protected information.

Privacy Regulatory Proceeding- Provides coverage for defense expenses from a regulatory proceeding resulting from a violation of a privacy law caused by a covered security breach. Media Liability- Covers the insured for Intellectual Property and Personal Injury perils that result from an error or omission in the content on their website.

Cyber Extortion- Provides coverage for expenses and/or losses incurred as the result of an extortion threat.

Business Interruption- Provides coverage for business interruption loss and/or business restoration expense as a result of a security breach that caused a system failure.

Contact the office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration with questions at (208) 792-2240.