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Large branch fell on blue fencing after a wind storm

Property Insurance major property and small property


All property is covered on a replacement cost basis, unless the agency has specifically declared the property at an actual cash value on the annual statement of property values. Contents of the building should be included in the replacement value section (chattel property such as office furniture and equipment, computer equipment, and other property not permanently attached to the buildings).

Deductibles for major property are: $2,000 per occurrence, except Earthquake and Flood; $5,000 Earthquake and Flood, and $500 per occurrence for Fine Arts. 

Any and all losses or damage to either college buildings or other property should be reported immediately by contacting Theresa Chrisman in Administrative Services at 208-792-4420 and by using the Property Loss Report.

Losses from theft, vandalism, or other crimes must be reported to Security and the Lewiston Police Department.

Documents that will be requested by Administrative Services to process the claim are:

  • Preperty Loss Report with 24 hours.  Please call Administrative Services immediately when fire or flood are the cause of damage.
  • Requisitions and invoices to repair damage to include supplies, parts and labor.
  • Police report, if available.
  • Photographs of damage.


Inland Marine Insurance is an optional coverage for small property items, and offers a lower deductible of $50.00 per occurrence. This coverage is used to insure property subject to theft or breakage, or property that is frequently transported, for example laptops, cell phones and tablets. Items must have a replacement value between $300 – $2500.

to add or delete items other than during the annual spring renewal, contact Administrative Services with the following information:

  • Replacement value.
  • Serial number, and/or State tag number, if assigned. 
  • Description of item.
  • Name of Division. 

The following items are not eligible for Inland Marine coverage:

  • Real Property or Buildings.
  • Automobiles or vehicles licensed for the road.
  • Mobile equipment of any nature (mobile equipment is any motorized equipment not licensed for highway use).
  • Consumable Properties (office supplies, etc.).
  • Property held in inventory (items discovered missing after an inventory check).

Any questions about property insurance should be directed to Theresa Chrisman in Administrative Services, at (208) 792-2240 or by email.

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