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The Words That Were Our Names, An LCSC Scrapbook by Steven Branting 

Steven Branting

Books can be purchased using the link below. Cost is $35.00 + tax.  Online book orders are available for pickup only through the LCSC College Advancement Office (602 11th Avenue, Lewiston, 208-792-2458).

For orders requiring shipment, please contact ...And Books, Too.  

Net proceeds will benefit the Steven and Shann Branting Endowed Scholarship at Lewis-Clark State College, assisting students with financial hardship. 



Warriors Under Foreign Banners

4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., Zoom 

Institutional Historian Steve Branting will present on the following topic: Memorial and Veterans Days find local cemeteries festooned with American flags to honor U.S. soldiers. However, American cemeteries are also the resting places for veterans of foreign armies. This zoominar will tells the stories of 8 men experienced combat under other flags and then made their ways to live in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Register