Program Overview & Requirements

  • Students enrolled in the Elementary Teacher Education program (grades K-8) will complete 75 credits of professional education courses, including a year-long, clinical internship under the guidance of a faculty member and an on-site teacher educator in local elementary or middle schools.
  • In accordance with state certification requirements, students will complete coursework for a minor/endorsement in a second teaching area. It is the students' responsibility to work closely with their advisors to ensure compliance with certification requirements. Required courses can be located in the catalog.
  • Before being recommended for an endorsement in elementary education, students in the Elementary Education Program will provide evidence, through performance, that they have become:
    • dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
    • content specialists
    • competent educational designers
    • capable educational facilitators
    • insightful educational evaluators
    • culturally responsive professionals
    • reflective professionals

Other Key Assessments & Qualifications:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better to get into, and remain in, the Elementary Program
  • Grade of "B-" or better in all Professional Studies coursework (Phase II and III; see program plan)
  • Grade of "B-" or better in all Minor Endorsement coursework or cumulative GPA in the minor endorsement courses of 3.0 or higher
  • Proficient professional performances in authentic settings
  • Evidence of the appropriate dispositions of a teacher
  • Completion of the Professional Portfolio and PBA
  • Passage of the exit interview
  • Completion and Review of all LCSC requirements for graduation
  • Completion and Review of all Idaho requirements for certification

Alternative Certification Pathway Options

This program is comprised of classes offered with online delivery of content and methodology. Candidates in this program are permitted to complete the field experience coursework and practicum experiences in schools where partnerships with LCSC can be established. The program can begin in any semester; however, field experience and practicum hours may only be earned during sessions when there are access to students, to complete the required activities (e.g. traditional school semesters). Each program of study is carefully tailored to meet the learning needs of the applicant, in the context which the applicant will take courses. Attendance for some courses will require the candidate to attend virtually with classmates. These days and times will be determined to best fit those enrolled in the course based on availability of candidates as well as the course instructor.

This program of study is composed of two on-campus summers held in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Between the two summers, students take coursework online and, once all coursework is completed, student teaching (internship) occurs at an approved, accredited site in the general area where the student lives. The program is rigorous and performance-based.  The PACE Program begins in the summer based on available openings.  You may begin prerequisite coursework before formal admission to the PACE Program.

Review the Elementary PACE Bachelor's program plan for a comprehensive list of required courses and schedule of delivery.

Post-baccalaureate participants will receive an endorsement in Elementary Education on their Idaho Standard Instructional Certificate.  Review the post-baccalaureate program plan for specific requirements.