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Rodney D. Farrington

Associate Professor Hospitality Management
Director of Hospitality Programs

Office Hours

Wed3:30-5 pm

About Rodney

About Rodney Farrington

A career spanning 42 years, focused strongly on the hospitality field, has led me to my true calling. Teaching in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry for the past six years is the culmination of my experience, my passion, and the excitement of sharing with those who wish to learn. A large part of my career has been dedicated to training/teaching all levels of management and staff to be proficient at their job. Career and Technology Education allows me to combine my technical knowledge of hospitality with theory application, crafting business/owner-mindset graduates who strive for the same success. My goal is to grow and expand the Hospitality Management Program to become one of LC State’s degrees of choice and the premiere Hospitality Management Program in the state.

Hospitality Management Program

Students completing the program will have the industry skills required to thrive in any industry segment. Our connection to the industry enhances our premier student experience through real community and internship opportunities. Personal invitations to over fifteen annual events held in our community, and access to more than eighty established business partners provide experiences strengthening students’ ability, making them strong candidates to fill the workforce needs of Idaho. This program design allows us “to prepare Idaho’s youth and adults for high-skill, in-demand careers” and “A premiere educational opportunity for students and adults to gain relevant workforce and leadership skills in an applied setting.”

Career Pathways

  • Hotel/Resort manager
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Culinary Arts/Chef
  • Travel agent
  • Event Coordinator/Manager
  • Destination Marketing Organization Manager

Professional skills-based education with a strong business and marketing component beings with the “Semester of Exploration”. Hospitality Management at LC State, and its completer “Pathways”, develop an "owner mindset”, ensuring that students understand the essential role that business plays in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry.  Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry, Hospitality Marketing, Financial Business Applications, Diversity in Organizations/Human Relations, Business Computer Skills, and Business Law are just some of the requirements included for completing the program.

Degrees Offered

  • Hospitality Management AAS
  • Hospitality Management-Culinary Arts AAS
  • Hospitality Management-Hotel/Resort Management AAS
  • Hospitality Management ATC
  • Food & Beverage Management ITC
  • Front Office Management ITC


As an educator, I enjoy what I do.  I enjoy the subject I chose to teach.  I enjoy the students and the facility.  The “power to make change” comes first from the teacher.  The “interest” comes from the student.  My commitment to education is to bring educators and students to a higher cognitive understanding of the hospitality industry.  Teaching can always be improved by remaining abreast of advancements in the field of teaching and most importantly, in the Professional-Technical Industry they have chosen to teach.  I have dedicated my life to this field and want to share what I have learned, and will continue to learn, with LCSC’s future students.