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Additional Information

As a member of the LC Work Scholars program you are required to participate in two professional development opportunities a semester.

Check out Handshake & Do More for a professional opportunity that suits your interests.

Once you have attended an event please email [email protected] with a description of when, where, and what the event was. Please provide 4-6 sentences on what you gained from the experience and how you might use the skills or knowledge moving forward.

As a member of the LC Work Scholars program you are required to participate in 2 volunteer hours a semester.

Please submit a reflection to the [email protected] email with a description of the volunteer activity including: when, where, what you did and a selfie while doing it.

7 Performance Expectations
  • Be punctual and arrive on time for work as scheduled and required
  • Give advance notice of absences
  • Manage time well and provide timely completion of job assignments
  • Support workplace policies and procedures including dress and safety requirements
  • Ensure proper care of college equipment, facilities, materials, and work environment
  • Demonstrate willingness to work, support, and collaborate with supervisors and co-workers while promoting a positive atmosphere in the workplace for all
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship of your work and the work of others in the department
  • Consistently complete job assignments without need for constant supervision
  • Be a self-starter with the ability to adjust and adapt to change as needed
  • Exhibit professional conduct in the workplace and interact respectfully with all, including supervisors, co-workers, and those being served
  • Respectfully handle conflict and be open to differing points of view
  • Enhance effectiveness of co-workers and the department in sharing knowledge
  • Demonstrate interest in acquiring new skills
  • Meeting Expectations: the degree to which the student fulfills the basic job requirements
  • Exceptional Performance: the maximum degree in which the student takes advantage and participates in additional developmental aspects of the job (such as professional development)