Mail Solicitations

  • Contact the LCSC Foundation to coordinate a donation solicitation for your program.
  • The LCSC Foundation can provide a sample donation request letter.
  • Provide the Foundation with a list of potential individuals or businesses you plan on soliciting.
  • Provide the Foundation with dates solicitation will be distributed.
  • The LCSC Foundation can provide remittance envelopes for your solicitation and proofread your solicitation letter.
  • The Foundation can offer language on “ways to donate” (online, check, cash).
  • Documents of interest
    • Letter of Interest Sample


  • Contact the LCSC Foundation and inform them of your fundraising event.
    • Seek approval if you are a student club with the fundraising agreement form found on the Student Activities webpage.
  • The LCSC Foundation can provide training on how to track in-kind and cash donations for your event.
  • The Foundation will approve your donation deposits after your event.
  • The Foundation will provide donors with thank you letters for tax purposes.
  • Documents of Interest:
    • In-kind Donation Excel Spreadsheet for Large Events
    • Donation Deposit Slip