Below are guidelines for reimbursement:

  • Funds will be used to reimburse a campus department, unit, or organization for expenses incurred in the current fiscal year and evidenced by the College’s accounting records. Funds will not be available in advance of an awarded activity.
  • Funds will only be transferred upon receipt of a short report describing the activity after its conclusion. The report must include the final number of students involved in or impacted by the activity.
  • Expenses will be paid from the divisions’ local accounts, which will be reimbursed quarterly, and upon receipt of a brief report, with a listing of expenses. Copies of all requisitions, IDGs, and other proof of expenses must be attached.

Once your event is complete, funds will be transferred to your division's local account upon receipt of the following:

  • Final Report Cover Sheet
  • A brief but detailed report of the trip.
  • Detailed budget outline (list of all expenses and total cost of the event).
  • Your local (fund 11 or 50) account number to transfer funds to.
  • Copies of all:
    • Requisitions
    • IDG's
    • Travel vouchers (including hotel and flight receipts)
    • Any other miscellaneous receipts

Your division administrative assistant may be able to provide most of this documentation. The final report and supporting documentation should be e-mailed as a complete packet to Student Affairs at [email protected].

Any incomplete reports will be returned.

Policy Change

  • For the purpose of internal/external audits, all receipts must reflect reimbursement to a faculty/staff member, established vendor, or current student and must already have been paid by the award recipient's department.  Receipts or copies of checks to a third party not meeting the above criteria will not be considered sufficient documentation for reimbursement.


If the following dates fall on a weekend the transfer will be completed on the following Monday.

  • September 15
  • December 15
  • March 15
  • June 15

NOTE: Being awarded funds from the Institutional Development Grant does not automatically provide authorization for your trip.  Please be sure to complete all necessary travel documentation prior to your trip, and work directly with your division administrative assistant for the required documentation for reimbursement.  

***The grant does not reimburse anyone directly for any travel expenses***