Health insurance is required for all students on an F-1 visa at LC State. The International Programs Office can assist you with selecting a health insurance plan that meets our requirements and fits your specific needs.  Students must report proof of health insurance to the International Programs Office.

Health Insurance FAQs

Yes.  International students under an F visa classification are required to have health insurance for the duration of their status while at LC State.

LC State does NOT provide insurance for students, nor do they offer required health insurance packages for students.

International students are able to select their own health insurance provider, as long as they meet the coverage minimums as required by the International Programs Office.  Please see a list of International Student Health Insurance Providers, or request an appointment with our International Programs Staff to discuss further.

Please reference the minimum coverage requirements on the Health Insurance Declaration form.

The healthcare system in the United States is complicated.  Without insurance, a simple illness or accident could cost thousands of dollars.  Learn more about the Healthcare System in the US to further understand the importance of obtaining and maintaining insurance during the duration of your studies.

Simply complete the Health Insurance Declaration form, attach a copy of your plan information and email to [email protected]