News Release

Athens Guitar Duo (AG2) will perform at LCSC

The Athens Guitar Duo (AG2) will play at the Lewis-Clark State College Silverthorne Theater on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 7 p.m. The concert is part of the ongoing LCSC Silverthorne Artist's Series.
As an ensemble, both Dusty Woodruff and Matthew Anderson, the members of AG2, have performed throughout the United States. AG2 are known for their explorations into the depth and wealth of the guitar repertoire along with their increased flexibility and dedication to producing great performances that open to audiences the joys to be found in this music.
Athens Guitar Duo has been consistently entertaining audiences for the past seven years. They have opened up the world of the guitar to new audiences and have promoted the works of both modern and traditional composers with a youthfulness and freshness that makes the music of those composers come alive. Radio Station WPKN in New Haven, CT has said: "(Their) interpretations of music from both classical and contemporary composers are seamlessly blended into an organic whole.” Similarly, the Clearwater Tribune in Orofino, ID wrote: "Individually they play with passion for the music and … their sounds blend to produce one harmonic tone that is pleasing to the ear and tends to soothe the soul."
They explore the expressive capabilities of their instruments through unique repertoire selections and creative and entertaining arrangements. Each member plays a guitar built by the master luthier, Kenny Hill. These include an extremely rare 11-string guitar which extends the range of the ensemble's capability and awakes interest from both fellow musicians and from audiences alike.
Tickets are available through the LCSC Community Events office located at 415 Main Street 2nd floor in Lewiston or online through Tickets West. Admission is $10 general seating, $5 children 6 and under and seniors (60+) with LCSC students and alumni free.
The LCSC Silverthorne Artist's Series provides students of Lewis-Clark State College, as well as the surrounding community, with exposure to cultural and educational experiences through presentations of performing arts.
For more information, call 208.792.2447.