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News Release

Changes in federal financial aid affecting college students

Changes in federal financial aid regulations are affecting college students throughout the U.S. Among the changes the Lewis-Clark State College Financial Aid Office is addressing is a requirement that a student must be suspended from receiving federal financial assistance when it becomes evident that the time for which they are eligible for financial aid is shorter than the time it will take them to complete their degree. This is a change from previous regulations in that financial aid must be cut off immediately, rather than allowing the student to draw financial aid until they have actually reached the maximum time allotted to complete the degree.
Laura Hughes, LCSC Director of Financial Aid, said LCSC has notified students in numerous ways concerning the changes. In addition, when students receiving financial aid are nearing completion of their degree, they are notified that their aid may be terminated and that they should contact the Financial Aid Office.
Hughes said her office is assisting students who are affected by the new regulations.