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News Release

LCSC sets another Spring Semester enrollment record

Another Spring Semester enrollment record has been set at Lewis-Clark State College, as enrollment reached 4387, compared to last year’s record setting Spring Semester enrollment of 4269.
"Our headcount is up over 2% from last spring," said Andy Hanson, Vice President for Student Affairs. "That's a particularly interesting comparison because we are counting students later in the semester this year due to change in policy from the State Board of Education. I think this is affirmation that students and their families believe in the quality of the education Lewis-Clark State provides."
Prior to the State Board of Education's decision to move the enrollment census to October 15 and March 15 each semester, the census was taken on the 10th day of each semester.
There continues to be pre-enrollment growth of students currently in high school taking Tech Prep and Dual Credit courses and there has been significant growth in the number of students taking online courses, with 523 students taking all their classes online, compared to 290 one year ago. In addition, there are 997 students who have completed or will complete non-credit classes during the Spring 2013 semester through LCSC’s Workforce Training. Hanson added that another promising trend is that LCSC continues to have a strong presence in the Coeur d'Alene area.