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LCSC's Bill Perconti announces new CD project

Saxophonist and LCSC Professor of Music Bill Perconti has announced his newest CD project - Dragon.
Dragon contains world-premiere solo and quartet recordings performed by soloist Perconti and the Alloy Saxophone Quartet. Perconti is the soprano saxophonist of the quartet that includes Sean Fredenburg of the University of Oregon, Erik Stieghner of Tacoma/Pacific Lutheran University/Tacoma, and Duke Sullivan of Seattle.
Composers included on the CD are Allan Blank, Frederic Rzewski, Hilary Tann, Joan Tower, and Joseph Waters. The title piece "Dragon" has been described by composer Waters as "Charlie Parker meets George Gershwin, Super Mario Bros. II, and Lady Gaga."
Perconti is using the website Kickstarter to raise funds for the completion of the project.